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Thank you so much...please watch my short films on YouTube. i make my films on very ordinary mobile phone camera. i am the only actor,director,writer etc. of my films.i never use any type of editing in my films.
Dec 18, 2017 by anugunja
सपनों के पंखों में है होती हरकत...रोज आसमां को छूने की होती हिमाकत
Oct 16, 2017 by anugunja
जिन्दगी धीरे धीरे गुजरती गई...जब पलट कर देखा तो हाथों में रेत रही
Oct 10, 2016 by anugunja
Women need empowerment... But our society cannot support women education, women freedom, women thinking and women thought. Its time to change...if women will developed then our will developed.
Mar 12, 2016 by anugunja
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