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Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

YoAlfaaz is writer’s post sharing platform, where writers can share their writing and also can socialize with writers around the world. In order to make YoAlfaaz best content sharing platform our Team does everything which can be done. At the time of registration and some events we collect some personal details (i.e. Email, name) of yours in order to verify that you are a genuine person and not a bot. This personal information also helps us make your experience on YoAlfaaz a lot better and smoother. In general, we only ask for an email while you register, but you can fill your profile with all the personal details you want and if you don’t want to share anything then that’s also fine.

With this we also tell you that whatever information of yours in collected on YoAlfaaz is never shared or misused by any means. We only use your email address to mail you some recommendations, suggestions, feature releases, announcements or some news, but we never share anything else. Even at some point we ask for your personal details regarding something, then also we assure you that the information will not be shared with anyone else other than YoAlfaaz Team and the information will only be used to make your experience better.

On YoAlfaaz you have complete control of the personal information you share with others. If you filled in your profile with your personal information then we will not be liable for any misuse of that information because profile information is available to all. Moreover, if you want to share any of your personal information anywhere else on the website which is viewable to all, then do it at your own risk because we will not be responsible for anything.

If you have any problem, confusion or queries related to this policy then please contact us right away or mail us at contact[@] and here also we assure you that whatever information will be shared while you contact us will only be between YoAlfaaz Team and you. No one else is ever going to have a sneak of it.

One more thing we would like to add here is that this privacy policy can be changed as according to time and need. In order to be updated with the privacy policy of YoAlfaaz, keep visiting this page from time to time.

What we do with the information we collect?

YoAlfaaz is a community for people and by the people, so to keep members of our community happy and satisfactory, we do make some changes and improvements from time to time in YoAlfaaz. To know whether a change will be good for our members or not we collect information through our members and on the basis of that only we try to make those changes, after all the community if by them and not by us. We also send your recommendations and suggestions from time to time and those suggestions are also based on the information we collect from you.


We know that everyone like its personal details to be personal always and for this purpose our Team has tried to take every step which assures that your personal details will always be secure and private with us.

Do we use cookies?

The answer is yes, we use cookies to help our visitors. A cookie is a small file which stores in your computer, but you can reject them as well. These cookies are related to only one website and tell the website that how often you visit that particular website and which informs you normally crawl.

These cookies prove very helpful as the collected information helps us to improve ourselves according to you, so that you can enjoy our services. These cookies never collect personal information so don’t worry and just relax, with these cookies we cannot access any of your personal information and we never misuse anyone’s personal information.

Based on the information about these cookies that how often you visit YoAlfaaz and which pages you crawl the most, we send your recommendations and suggestions which can be helpful to you.

YoAlfaaz having links pointing to other websites

YoAlfaaz is a content sharing platform made for writers and most of the content on YoAlfaaz is shared by writers only so there is always a possibility that their content can contain links to external websites. Although we are strictly that no external links will be allowed, but if by mistake or for better information those links can be approved. Please note that the websites linked through these links are not a part of YoAlfaaz, so we don’t have any control over those websites and their content. If you share any of your personal information there, then their privacy policy will be applicable to you not this one. As you leave YoAlfaaz, this policy doesn’t apply to you.

YoAlfaaz also uses advertisements from different advertising companies and those ads may collect your visit related information but none of your personal information. If you click the ads and visit another website then also this policy will not be applicable there. So be sure before you share any of your personal information on those websites. Before sharing any details there first go through the privacy policy of those websites.

If you think that we hold any misinformation about you then contact us right away and get it corrected.



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