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YoAlfaaz is Changing

YoAlfaaz is Changing

Yes, you heard it right, YoAlfaaz is actually changing. But, it's not fresh news, a few days ago we sent a community-wide notification from various means to let the YoAflaaz family members know. Now, this is a follow up for that and this is also necessary to let the new members know about the change. Since the last year, we were planning to change the website software to provide a much better experience and a whole lot of features to the YoAlfaaz family. We are happy to announce that the moment is finally here and we'll completely change the software of the website in February only.

Now, what this means for you as a YoAlfaaz Member?
For the start, you'll have much fluent and a better layout of the website. You'll have a completely new way to interact with the website and the category system will also change to better suit your needs. Moreover, you'll get much more exposure and your posts will reach to a much large audience as the community is designed to attract more and more people. Your posts will rank much easier and better in Google so, you always get the maximum reach. A proper system has been set in place and there are some extra hands on board (as new members in the YoAlfaaz team). We'll introduce these new people to you guys very soon.

How and when will this change take place?
As the new software is quite different from what we are using right now, you'll be required to register again on the website. This means that this website with all its content will be shifted to a new subdomain ( All your data will be safe but will be accessible from a new place. This subdomain will be left on ready only mode so that no can tamper with the data but anyone can read it. If you want to transfer the posts to the new (or download YoAlfaaz App) then you'll have 15 days to do so. In these 15 days, we won't have any spam control limit so, old members can easily shift their old posts. You can transfer your posts even after these 15 days limit but, you can't share posts in bulk (something like 200 posts/hour) after the time limit. Once you have transferred all the posts to the new website, you can ask us to delete your old profile and we'll do that.
This change will take place on 15th Feb (late night), after the Love Poetry Competition is over (the result will be announced on the new website).

How long will it take to make the changes?
It'll take around a week. So you'll have your YoAlfaaz ready by 21st Feb. And do not worry, during this period we'll take extra special care of your YoAlfaaz ;)

How will you know that YoAlfaaz is ready and working again?
Keep following us on any of our social media channels (Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter). We'll make a big announcement about the launch so you'll get your notification from there.

What if I could not understand the changes and needed some help?
Before us, YoAlfaaz belongs to you guys. So we'll make sure to make the process as easy as possible but, even after that you needed help then, we are always a message away. Just message us on any of our social media channels or contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you in every possible way.

Even we have our eyes wet to say goodbye to this old website but, an ending is necessary for a new beginning. Thus we give this website a good farewell and will meet you on 21st with a whole new beginning and a lot more opportunities.

Keep sharing your alfaaz on YoAlfaaz.

If you have any query then contact us at [email protected]

YoAlfaaz Team