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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is basic information about our community. Please read this before sharing posts or replies if you are unfamiliar with this sort of communinty. Click on any question to show or hide the answer.
  • What is YoAlfaaz?
  • YoAlfaaz is your personal online diary and a writer’s community to Share Your Feelings in words. YoAlfaaz is a platform which serves both the purpose of being a diary and a community to give maximum benefit to writers. Writers generally need a diary in which they write all their write-ups and YoAlfaaz fulfils that need perfectly. Moreover, YoAlfaaz is accessible online so you can always access it and can never lose it. Writers also need a community to showcase their write-ups and YoAlfaaz provides a lot of exposure to your work with our ever-growing community.

    In order to keep YoAlfaaz one of the best platforms for writers, only original posts are allowed to be shared on YoAlfaaz. Because original posts have emotions and feelings of the writers who wrote it, which takes this community to a completely new level. And that also motivates other writers to write and improve their posts.

    Writers can write, learn, socialise, get feedback, get exposure and improve reputation by being active on YoAlfaaz. It’s a platform built for writers and it motivates them to keep their spirits high by various community activities.

  • How to register?
  • YoAlfaaz registration process is designed such that you can login in less than 30 seconds. Click on the key icon at top right of the website and then click on register button or you can click here to directly go to registration page. A new page will open and there you have to fill your credentials. Username, Email, password and your Full Name (optional) are all the things which you need to fill in that page. Finally, tick the box for Anti-spam verification and as you pass that, you need to click Register button at the bottom.

    After this, a confirmation email would be sent to you with a verification link. Click on that link and you are registered on YoAlfaaz.

    You can also use Facebook Login to register on YoAlfaaz. To use Facebook Login, you need to click on Facebook Login button and then your Facebook credentials to Sign Up or Login.

    If you are still unable to register then, you can contact us and we’ll set up an account for you. After that, all you need to do is change, your password to your liking. To contact us you can click here or send us an email at contact[@]

    Facebook Login has been discontinued right now due to some technical issues. It'll be back once it's fixed, till then you can use our main login as it works perfectly.

  • How to share a Post?
  • YoAlfaaz is a sharing community, where we share our emotions and feelings with other members of the community. Here is a brief suggestion for you all on how to share a post in the community easily.

    The first we ask you to explain your post in one sentence, i.e. “Title”.

    • You are meant to write your post in mere one word or a sentence of 2-3 words together.
    • Next, you need to frame your post and type in the “More Information for the post” clearly.

    Remember to leave sufficient gaps in between two paragraphs and lines.

    This section significantly helps in getting more specific about your post, as it contains all the emotions and feelings.

    Sharing a post will help you in getting more likes and comments, only if, you will provide the exact topic and tags for the same.

    Tags plays a vital role in your posts. So, choose tags which are more specific to your post. To know more about the same, check “What are tags and how to use them?”

  • What to share and what not to share on YoAlfaaz?
  • YoAlfaaz is a community for sharing Shayari, Poem, Rubaiyat, Nazm, Ghazal, Quawali, Songs etc. You can share anything from the above mentioned things on YoAlfaaz but not the things which are not relevant to the community. Posts like stories, plays, dramas or related are not in circle of YoAlfaaz so those will be deleted as soon as they will be shared.

    Whatever you share should be your original, if you tried to share content of others and got reported then the post will be deleted and your account can also be banned. Your post should not be abusive to any individual, group or religion. If your post contained any link to some other website, then that will not be approved or will be deleted in future without giving any warning.

    Last but not the least, sex related posts are not allowed in YoAlfaaz. If you post contains any sexual content then it'll be removed as soon as it is published. Writing erotic content is good but not sexual.

  • What are tags and how to use them?
  • Tags are the properties which are attached to the posts in order to find and organize them easily. These are basically used in categorizing the posts by topic, type, emotion and theme. Also, tags helps the readers in finding your posts easily by its type. Strictly, tags are not associated with the contents of the post.

    Rather, they provide a message in a single word about the post which is used in an efficient manner to find and organize it. Tags are different from other predefined properties and when these are created as well as attached to the post, becomes the post’s properties.

    The maximum number of tags which can be used is 5. So, it is important to choose the tags really smartly which will give you more chances of getting likes and appreciation. How to fill tags in a post?

    When you will start typing in the first letter of the tag, YoAlfaaz will display some of the pre-existing and similar tags which have been used before and relates to the post. You can select any tags from those or even can create your own. You have to make sure that the tags must be related to the topic, type, emotion and theme.

    For writing a tag, simply write the topic or for combing two words together for a tag, then use “-“ to combine two words.

    While creating a tag for your post, remember to use the phrase or abbreviation which is used more by people or if there is already a pre-existing one, then use the same. Re-tagging

    Re-tagging your post is associated with the process of editing it. You can easily edit the post as well as the tags to make it even better. But, if you are an editor or moderator of YoAlfaaz, then you can even edit the post or tags of other community members. Re-tagging the posts will improve the post’s visibility.

    Tags Page

    Clicking on any tag available on tags page will direct you to the page holding all the posts associated with the same. It is the best method for those of you who basically find the posts related to a single tag.

    People do click on the tags which are associated with their interest. So, it is important to tag your post with specific and perfectly matched tags which can attract more readers.

  • What is reply and how to reply a post?
  • Reply is what is meant by the term "to reply". Since the reply is given to a post, then it has to be a post. To make it sound simple, if you are replying to a poem, then you should write a poem related or extended to the main post. This way you can reply a Shayari with a Shayari, Nazm with a Nazm, Rubaiyat with a Rubaiyat, Song with a Song and so on.

    To reply a post, click on Reply button (a box will show up) and then type your post there. Like posts, replies also get points so members can upvote or downvote replies. And thus replies also count in your reputation level on YoAlfaaz.

  • What can you write and share in the Blog?
  • The Blog section on YoAlfaaz has been introduced for defining about the niches of YoAlfaaz (Peom, Shayari, Short Story, Ghazal, Rubaiyat, Nazm, Song, Essay, Memoir, Quotation). You can talk about the definitions, types and provide core information about the same. You are not allowed to share general articles or reviews in this section.

    General articles can be shared in the main section itself, if they are in the form a short story (mini or flash fiction). Blog section is no the place for sharing these articles, not even the reviews of any book or stories or poems by any writer. Blog section is purely dedicated to the core of YoAlfaaz categories.

    You can share anything about the categories, BUT you cannot review post written by other writers. It is not for promoting or sharing your experiences of any place or for writing reviews. It is purely dedicated to the niche or theme of YoAlfaaz.

  • How to edit a post (post, reply and comment)?
  • To edit a post you need to click on pencil icon button below your post. You can find this button where all other buttons are present. Click on that button and your post will open in an editor. You can then, edit your post and ones are done then click on save button to save your edits.

    Keep in mind that only you, moderators and admins can edit your post. No other member can edit your post in any case.

  • Who moderates this community?
  • The short answer is: you. This website is moderated by the users. Points system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks.
  • How does point system work?
  • When a post or reply is voted up, the user who posted it will gain points. These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust in that person. Various moderation tasks are gradually assigned to the users based on those points.

    For example, if you share an interesting post or a nice reply, it will likely be voted up. On the other hand if the post is poorly-written or the reply is misleading - it will likely be voted down. Each up vote on a post will generate 10 points, whereas each vote against will subtract 10 points. The following table lists points gained per activity:

    Selecting an reply for your post: + 3 points
    Per up vote on your post: + 10 points
    Per down vote on your post: - 10 points
    Limit from up votes on each post: + 1000 points
    Limit from down votes on each post: 1000 points
    Having your reply selected as the best: + 20 points
    Per up vote on your reply: + 10 points
    Per down vote on your reply: - 10 points
    Limit from up votes on each reply: + 1000 points
    Limit from down votes on each reply: 1000 points
    Limit from up votes on each comment: + 10 points
    Limit from down votes on each comment: + 3 points
    Voting up a post: + 2 points
    Voting up an reply: + 2 points
    Add for all users: + 100 points

  • What does Favorite means and how to favorite a post, tag, category or user?
  • Favorite means that you liked the post, tag or category and want to save it to read it later or reply to it later. It saves the post a list of your Favorite items in your profile. By adding a post to your Favorites, you can read that post later. By adding a tag or category to your favourites you can read all the posts in that tag or category (respectively) later. By adding a user to your favourites you can read all the public activity by that user later.

    So Favorite a post, tag, category or user you need to click on a star icon in front of each of these. Once the star becomes yellow, you have successfully added that thing to your Favorites.

  • What does flag mean and how to flag a post?
  • Flag is a signal which tells the content owner, moderators and admins that a particular post is violating some guidelines. Either the post is containing irrelevant content, using abusive words, being rash to any individual or religion, threats anybody or any other thing which is not good for a good community. Members can use it tells the moderators to check the content (posts, replies, comments) and take an action on it. If the content is found to be breaking the guidelines then we’ll either remove the content, contact the content owner or can also ban the owner’s account in some cases. It’s a powerful tool for members to help us keep the community clean, so use it wisely.

    To flag a post you need to click on the button with an icon of “Flag”. Every member can only flag a piece of content once. and if that content got a total of 5 flags then it’ll automatically be hidden from the website till it’s reviewed by the moderators or admins.

  • How to reset my password?
  • To reset your password, you need to login to your account. Once logged in, visit your profile and click on “My Account” in the submenu. On that page, scroll the end and you’ll find Change Password field. First, you’ll need to input your old password (it means the current password), then, you need to input the new password and again the new password to verify. Finally, click on “Change Password” button to save the changes. Congratulations, you have successfully reset your password.

  • I have forgot my password.
  • Don’t worry, there’s a simple process to regain access to your account and to reset your password. Try to login with the password you remember, if the login attempt fails then you’ll get an option “I forgot my password” on that page. Click on that to go to reset your password page. There you need to put your email or username, do Anti-spam verification and click “Send Reset Password Email”. A code will be sent to you via an email, either copy the code and paste it into the code field which will be shown on the website or press the link in the email. Finally, click “Send New Password” and an email will be sent to you with your new password. You can log in using that login and continue to Share Your Feelings on YoAlfaaz.


    If you want to personalize your password and reset it, then read the previous question.

  • How to change my picture (gravatar), and what is gravatar?
  • The picture that appears in user profiles is called a gravatar, which means globally recognized avatar.

    Here is how it works: You upload your picture (or your favorite alter ego image) to the website from where we later retrieve your image using a cryptographic key based on your email address.

    This way all the websites you trust can show your image next to your posts and your email address remains private.

    Please personalize your account with an image - just register at (just please be sure to use the same email address that you used to register with us). The default gray image is generated automatically.

    If there is anything lacking, please use the feedback form. Or you can mail us at contact[@]

    YoAlfaaz is a community for writers where you can share Shayari, Poem, Short Story, Quotation, Ghazal, Song, Essay, Nazm, Rubaiyat, Memoir and you can also socialise with other writers.