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Copyright Notice

YoAlfaaz is a community for writers, so most of the content on YoAlfaaz is due to its members. Copyright of the content shared on YoAlfaaz remains to its author. If a member shared a poem then he/she completely holds the authorship right of that poem. But on the other hand, YoAlfaaz also holds the right to edit or delete anything (without prior notices) shared on the website.

If the post by a member is abusive to any individual or group or it is spammy then that post can be deleted. Even if the post shared by a member is copied by some other author then that will also be deleted. But if any post has escaped the eyes of YoAlfaaz team then the community can report it by flagging the post.

If you found a post shared by someone on YoAlfaaz, which is originally written by you then you can contact us (or mail us at contact[@] right away with a proof that it is originally written by you and we will remove that post from YoAlfaaz and the member who shared that post will either be blocked or will be removed from the community.

Author of the content can share their work with complete freedom as they hold the authorship of that content, but if someone else wants to share some content from YoAlfaaz then he/she should give its credit to original author of that content. Even if YoAlfaaz team shares something on social media or on any other website then the author is always given credit. 

By sharing your post on YoAlfaaz you agree that your post will be visible to world and people can share, distribute, promote or dedicate it to their loved one, but the authorship right of that post will always remain yours.

All the other copyrights like YoAlfaaz brand, logo, icon will remain to YoAlfaaz only. You can promote these with credit to YoAlfaaz but you must not misuse it.


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