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  • Poem 4,767 posts A poem is a lucrative piece of writing which delivers intense ideas and feelings of the expression of the poet with a specific attention to the diction including imagery, rhyme, and rhythm. It is a verbal and literary composition which is written both in verse and prose.
  • Shayari 1,690 posts A Shayari is a melodic form of Urdu poetry which comprises Sher, i.e. couplet and expresses the deepest feelings of the writer. It is a poetry form which is associated with the aspiring and communicative words of a writer.
  • Short Story 434 posts A short story is a piece of writing which is written on a particular theme. It is less elaborate and shorter than a novel. It is a fictional work of prose which deals with few characters but aims at the effect of unity and focuses on the creation of mood.
  • Quotation 628 posts The quotation is a part of a speech which shows the deep penetration or the depth of the intellectual or an emotional side of an author. We can say that it is an act of repeating the expression again as the part of another, especially when that part is cited with its original source. It is punctuated or indicated by “quotation marks”.
  • Ghazal 129 posts Ghazal is an Arabic word, which is pronounced as ‘GHUZZLE’, meaning ‘talking to women’. A Ghazal is a combination of two emotions, love and pain, making a poetic expression. In simple words, we can say, Ghazal is a representation in a poetic manner about the beauty of the painful love.
  • Song 57 posts A song is a type of short poem which is set to music. In simple words, we can say that a song is a piece which is written for singing. The word is associated with melody. It is composed of music and lyrics. It is a short musical creation of music and words.
  • Essay 145 posts The essay is a short piece of writing which is written on a particular subject. It is a piece of writing which is associated with the arguments of an author. In simple words, the definition of an essay is undefined because it overlaps with the definitions of a short story, an article, and a pamphlet.
  • Nazm 105 posts Nazm is an Urdu poetry form which is written in modern prose style or rhymed verse. It is a descriptive poetry form which can be long or short and has no rhyming scheme or size limitations.
  • Rubaiyat 10 posts Rubaiyat is an Urdu poetry form or a traditional Persian verse form which consists of multiple quatrains.
  • Memoir 89 posts The memoir is a French word which means ‘memory’ or ‘reminiscence’. It is associated with the factual stories about a person’s life. It is a written account of the life of a person. In simple words, a memoir is a biography which is written in the first person from personal knowledge.
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