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About Us

YoAlfaaz was initially made to serve as a common website for TWO friends (Gurjyot Singh and Ravi Vashisth) for sharing and saving their posts for long. But soon we realised that there are a lot of people who also need a similarly dedicated platform where they can share their stuff and get motivated.

Watching and realising the need we thought of increasing at three friends sharing a website to a global shared community. Eventually, people came together, as this is the first time they got something interesting and like-minded people at the same place. With time, the community started to increase and more and more people started to join. 

We may not be the biggest community in the world, but our thinking is better is better than the bigger. In the quest to make YoAlfaaz community the best, we have tried everything to provide on this website. We do not want YoAlfaaz to be an admin driven website, instead, YoAlfaaz should be a community driven website. 

There is one more reason that we make such a diverse niche website, because while starting the website, we came along with people who were professionals in the field of Hindi and Urdu Shayari and poetry. They told us that people are losing their interest in Hindi and Urdu Shayari and poetry and it is even difficult to motivate new writers to do the same.

With all this in view, we thought it would be good to make a website where all writers could become one community instead of separated with different genres. But they should also be able to interact with people of similar interest. And finally, YoAlfaaz came into existence. And most importantly people liked it, we were also amazed at the reviews we got. Here is one review which a member of YoAlfaaz wrote "Poetry blogging with YoAlfaaz".

We hope that you would also love the community and more than that the posts shared on YoAlfaaz. Share your Alfaaz on YoAlfaaz.

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YoAlfaaz is a community for writers where you can share Shayari, Poem, Short Story, Quotation, Ghazal, Song, Essay, Nazm, Rubaiyat, Memoir and you can also socialise with other writers.