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Why Does A Man Fear Death?

Why does a man fear Death?

What is it that he really fears?

Does he fear the endless, entombed silence of the grave,

Or is it the loss of loved ones that he fears to brave?

P'raps it is that he fears the thought of Judgment,

Where his soul is laid bare for all to see,

His good deeds and bad all reckoned for and counted,

And a record of his insignificant life afore him mounted.

If it is not the Final Sentence of Providence he fears,

Then why does a man fear Death?

Perhaps then, he fears the thought of the Afterlife,

Of meeting all those fearful souls gone ahead,

Of seeing disappointment in the eyes of parents, teachers and friends,

Of hearing them say, "Is this all you have come to, in the end?

Is this that for which you sacrificed your principles,

Overcame your honest scruples,

And accepted Evil as the way of the world?

Is this that for which you sacrificed love and friendship,

Did all that power and wealth lead you

Only to look down in shame at this bitterest of ends?"

To hear the angels of Almighty cry

"Whither wast thy soul, thou that callest thyself human,

When those who were in need of you cried bitterly for help?

Whither were thine eyes when thou walked among thy fellows,

The teeming, fuming, weeping, the helpless hordes of humanity?

Could not thine heart stop for a moment, the thoughts of gain,

And share in selfless service, their blistering, agonizing pain?"

If it is not the scathing scorn of Angels he fears,

Then, why, tell me, does a man fear Death?

If not all that then certainly,

He must fear the belief of reincarnation!

For, oh! Who would live all that again?

All the joys, the sorrows, the grief, the pain?

Who would walk again on the bittersweet path,

Of childhood to manhood, and once more thence,

To dithering old age and the ever-ready Death?

To be Judged again and again, and given the same sentence:

To appear in the same Court after a lifetime of repentance!

If it is not those endless cycles of karma he fears,

Then why, indeed, does a man fear Death?

Come, come, there must be some reasons

As surely as the changing of the seasons!

Let every man truly look inside himself,

And find his own reasons for fear!

For only when he has set on the path of self-discovery and recovery,

When he has found the purpose of his individual existence,

Then only will the true meaning of Life become clear,

And the ever-threatening Shadow will cease to inspire fear! 

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Very well written......
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Truly speaking, I have read this multiple times and vow to read again and again.. Can there be a detailed discussion on the subject? An extraordinary content presented through a exquisite gold-case of words.. Highly impressed.. An excellent piece dear Ashutosh.. Please keep writing and sharing..
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vows for this piece of your best :)
just loved it! awesome piece

claps and ovations
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Thanks...all of is such encouragement that keeps us artists going....thank u very much :)
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superb poem... keep writing @Ashutosh Dixit... :)
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Thanks bro :)
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this is undoubtedly one of the best write-ups that i have read here ! keep it up :D

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Why do we fear death?

Before we look for solace in the heavenly,

We must stand up to the extremely perfect.

Death  can be characterized as the permanent end,

Of key procedures in a cell or tissue.

Man fears the unknown and he apprehensions suffering.

He is not certain what may transpire after he is dead.

In the profundities of his heart he is cognizant,

That there will be a account giving,

That he will need to show up before the heavenly God.


Atheist  frequently get probed on how pitiful the idea itself,

And, it might be harming to discerning convictions,

Feelings being at times the worst thing about our presence.

Yes, we just live once, in a few ways that is discouraging,


 Just consider life as a film. It has its good and bad times

It has a starting and an end, a thrill ride of feelings,

An experience of emotions.

Both deduction to the best clarification,

And derivation to the best plan

Support the conclusion that we should not fear death..

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Haha...amazing....well written Sheela :)
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Simple yet profound :)
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Thank you Ashutosh
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Must admit a writer is admired for the thoughts as well as words. And our dear Sheela keeps taking the bar higher and higher through her versatility and propensity to explore beyond the usual boundaries.. A reply to a extremely exquisite write-up by Ashutosh is commendable in itself, but she has provided some new dimensions taking the discourse to an unbelievable level.. Hats off.. A salute for ur constant indulgence..
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My God! what an encouraging, emotional comment dear Imran, your comments always boost my creativity and i sit back to write a new poem. Iam honored dear. Iam very lucky to have such motivating comments . Thank you  Thank you
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So far, the best reply on YoAlfaaz :)
Good one Sheela
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Really, Thanks dear Priya
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Indeed it's the best reply on YoAlfaaz... :)
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Thank you dear Gurjyot

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