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I see the stars; whenever I remember you,
you were the best and I loved you true,
I saw you first making melody in rain,
I tried to disturb you but in vain.

I left then; beautiful accident I thought,
true to say; I never thought to harm you a single dot,
thinking of you; I walked alone on a lonely shore,
gentle the breeze was; but Sea turbulent in it's roar.

Thunder then, I heard from the sky,
I felt then someone's reply to my cry,
a benediction of love from heaven above,
hence upon me I saw a white dove.

I felt then within me peace and love together,
as I saw your face; soft even than soap's lather,
within a moment you came, and spread the aroma around,
I felt like flying though I was on the ground.

I developed a step; you made it three,
more we did; more it made us free,
step and step and moments moved towards,
relieving all the pains; kicking out the evil guards.

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very nice
I like it.
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superbly well written :)
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A fine piece, Elwin. Well done!
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Thanks a lot
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Thank you all :-)

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