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They walk together everyday, in love

Side by side, Each in love with each other,

They life partner's from first blossom of love,

To now, their golden year's,

Every day is like the first day they met

Walking, talking,in love,soulmates

When love first bloomed fo them

They were young beautiful and vibrant

Casting a spell on each other

Now in their golden year's, still in the bloom of love,

Holding hand's and beaming grace and beauty,

Life's path brought them together many year's ago

It is special that magic still exists between them

Their both now in their later years

When they look at each other, it's like time stood still,

Seeing the beauty and feeling the love that joined them,

All those year's ago, shining like a light forever beaming

That's two soulmates perfectly matched with love and through life

Now forever young in golden year's.
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awesome post dear
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What a poem, very well written.
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awesome Marian....good :)

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