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My love for you is

as clear and vibrant as the azure blue skies,

as endearing and irresistible as a baby’s cries,

as warm and energetic as the sun’s scorching rays,

and as routine and scheduled as precision-perfect days,

as buoyant and balmy as the windy breeze,

which promises to make my heart flutter or freeze,

My love for you is

as forceful and emphatic as the rolling thunder,

and as welcome and positive as a man-made wonder,

as steadfast and steady as a twinkling star,

and as technical and awesome as a Hyundai Car,

as mysterious and subtle as the man in the moon,

and as useful and timely as a helpful boon,

as transparent and indispensable as refreshing water,

and as loyal and affectionate as a biological daughter,

as beautiful and colourful as a God-made flower,

and as staunch and unrefuted as a mighty power,

as ethereal and soft as flakes of snow,

and as miraculous and captivating as a waterfall’s flow,

as unflinching and sturdy as a strong rock,

and as meticulously made as a baby frock,

as faithful and soulful as a pet dog,

and as engaging and crucial as a machine cog,

as possessive and patient as a feline cat,

and as affectionate and friendly as an elephant, though fat,

as independent and multi-faceted as a tree,

and as necessary to honey as a honey-bee,

as sparkling and glowing as a beautiful diamond gem,

which makes me love you, and never them,

So, indeed, I want to be your `Heera’ (diamond)

for I love you intensely,

knowing that true, sincere and reciprocal love

requires no justification or reasons,

that love just happens,

with – or without – the above epithets.

By Miss Heera Nawaz,

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Amazing Heera :)

Eid Mubarak :) :D
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very nice... :)
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Lovely Heera :)
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Thank you so much.
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Beautiful indeed
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nice one and done nicely with words and phrases
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Something which I like to like.
This really makes me serious about it.;-)
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badhiya hain ...........

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