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If I could ask the wind,
to bring me to wherever you are,
Maybe I already did.
So that you will know how much I'm longing to be with you.

If I could ask to be a thunder,
Maybe I already did,
So that I can shout to the world and you hear me say,
how much I miss you,
how much I Love you.
how much I wished to be with you forever.

If I could ask to be a rain,
Maybe I already did,
So that you can feel me,
And to wash away your pain through my presence.
To let you know that I can do everything just to win your heart.

If I could ask you to hold my heart in your hand,
A wished to tell you from the very start that I want to be your honey,
I know we get along much better than you and your girlfriend.
But you know nothing nor try to ask me.

Oh dear, my only love.
All of the lonely night even the moon is hiding its light.
I'm waiting for you to come,
To hold you tight and kiss you good night.

All of the bright new day even the rain was pouring on my way,
I'm waiting for you to light up my day.
Only you
Only your love.

© Mari Felices
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intense and amazing :)
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Excellent ! I just love this poem.
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Thank you ma'am
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Sorry I don't know.
I thought it same as like.
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Its Okay Mari....

Enjoy sharing :)
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thank you so much
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Lovely lines, I am waiting too for your love to reach you :)
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Thank you Ravi and Jacqueline

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shared Jun 20, 2016 in Poem by Mari Felices
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