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As the long day descends,
i'm happy my heart pretends,
the world knows not my whereabouts,
my life all but in doubts.
As a little baby i remember,
only about faces and some number,
my first love was you,
as pristine as the winter dew.

You taught me how to toddle,
having answers to my every riddle,
your lap being my hope,
your smile the most winsome.

Stranded in the marshy time,
and memories turned into rime,
i long for you still,
the pain's enough to kill.

Great were you, greater your care,
except you with none other i share,
your look from the starry sky,
keeps raising me high and high.
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Mother's love is the true love of every child's life........truly explained
Mother-child bond is the purest one ;)
Really nice post :)
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Yes, the only one in the world where the love is the purest..:-)
@ priya
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invisible hope is really a gift for some people out there in real and other world we usually not see.
it's good
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So nicely written :)
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Thank you @ Jacqueline
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Good one. (Y)
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nice one....

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