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Somewhere at the bottom
somewhere in the deep
In my mind you live
And With the rise of the sun in dawn  you too rise from your sleep..
you start running through my mind
Like a small mischievous child
As if there is something you've lost and you badly want to find

In my mind
you live as if it's Your home
As if you are a bee and
my mind is your honeycomb

In my mind
You are the tune of an epic music
that goes on repeating
Like A small new born baby bird that goes on continuously tweeting
In my mind
You keep on swimming in the ocean of my thoughts as if its your favourite hobby
you keep following me throughout the day as if you are my shadow 
as if you are a permanent part of my body

And then as the moon ascents in the night
when it's the time for me to switch off my bedroom light
then again you pay me a visit in my dream
Again You keep flowing in my imagination till the rise of the sun
as if you are an unstoppable river stream

Now Who cares if its a poem or a rhyme
you keep running through my mind all the day , all the noon , all the night
You just keep running through my mind all the time 😊

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Thank you pallavi for your appreciation :) and yes I am quite an intense thinker :D
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I think this is pretty good!
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Very well written.. Exquisite yet strong emotions, presented in a novel way.. Brilliant.  Please keep sharing
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Thank you mr prince :) and yes I will keep sharing my writings! :)
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This is amazing.....
U r....amazing....took

Just fall in lov with Ur write-ups....

Rhyme doesn't matter when feeling touches the heart....

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