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I cry
When things fill up to the brim,
There's no more place.
Trust me.
Nothing more can seek space
I do cry
May be often, for some time
May be rarely for some other time
But I cry
To dissolve some stacks
Of the piled up things
When I look back at my life
I see nothing but hurts
I see nothing but pains
That's how I connect to people
I can see through
Might be not your happiness
But surely through your blemishes.
This is how I relate to you
Different experiences from different broken souls
Match exactly with the variegated cracks in my one soul.
So I cry.
Because I fail to take in anymore.
I never stopped. I never waited
I moved on from anything and everything
But times leave their footprints
Which do stump you at times.
I smile.
And you know smile's infectious
I share a lot
Very often
People compliment me too.
And I smile always
Its just rarity when I don't
And then I cry
To prepare to take in,
much more than the stacks I dissolve.
I am not weak
I am not alone
Its just self sufficiency
In dealing with emotions
And situations
Coz you know
You wont like the option of 'not standing'
It would only be when you give up
You give up standing
So don't give up
Just cry and stand up!
Because you should
And You Can!
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wow.....amazing imagery :) wonderful lines
commented by
beautiful work... N yes its good to cry some of the time and let negativity go.... :)
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Thank you so much! :) :)
Of course its good to cry! According to me its the sign of strength and purity inside u! Weak people cannot cry. They just quit :)
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very nice... you have very well crafted the emotions in your poem... :)
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Well done my friend
Its nice
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Thank you so much
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Beautiful one.
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Thank u.. :)

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