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I lay my trust in you,

And it was all beautiful,

And truly did, I Love You,

I was always truthful.


But I guess I was wrong,

You felt my love was not strong,

You broke my trust,

And left me shattered.


Why did you have to do this to me?

Why did you need to ditch me?

Your sorry doesn’t matter me,

Every thing is spoilt already.


I am sorry,

You are sorry,

But it doesn’t mean a thing,

Because everything is now ruined.


I will forgive you,

But might never love you,

Or anyone again.

You have given non-healable pain.


Why did you do this to me?

Tell me why did you ditched me?
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Dicthing is very common these days. Don't care at all , that non healable pain should be the source to do better and better in life.  

Good poem.
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Thank you Sheela....

Yes....ditching is really common.....I wrote this on behalf of my friend....
Nothing like that with me :P :P
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Well written !!!!!
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Thank you :)
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Well such things exists but true love also
And one should wait for and accept that only
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yes i agree :)
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touchy lines....but, yes, people do not care about anyone's feelings....sad, but true
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yeah! people care a damn about feelings of other people.....

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When every night thou kip,
forget not someone never does,
thy thoughts fly him to dreams,
away, far away from the worldly buzz.

And a mortal, devoid of powers,
watching people drown deep down,
love's a ferry in a stormy river,
under the sky where clouds frown.

Thy love he must have felt,
may be thy happiness was what he wanted,
a hurdle in thy life so calm,
walked away he, against a wish never granted.

Smile not for thou, but him,
thy joy would be a world at his feet,
the secret his heart now hides,
tell he would, in paradise when both meet.
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impressed.... ;)
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;-) ;-) thanks @ Priya
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loved the vocab

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