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Each Morning.

Each  morning

my heart is bitter

Not heart-brokenness

It's because I slept with a sour mind

It's because I left a lump of hatred inside my soul.

Each morning,

My heart is gloomy

Not because of pain

It's because I didn't have laughter

It's because I left a flood of tears stinging my eyes

Each morning

My heart's weak

Not because of strength that lessens

It's because I fatigued on burdening sorrows

It's because I left a blanket of shame upon myself.

Solomon Okore

December 8th 2015

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first, welcome on YoAlfaaz
second the post your have shared is nice, specially the phase "It's because", i enjoyed reading your post
Hope to read you more and more
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Hi mate,

The poem seems really well written
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Thank you, Nandy.

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