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Old Love


I saw you last night

in a sudden dream

Was it a garden-party

or an open-air show

You came with someone I didn’t know

and didn’t bother to like

I noticed you wore your curly hair long

Tied at the back with a band

Fastened with clips

You had even aged somewhat

But smiled the same smile

I hid behind the chairs and flower-pots

My eyes following you among the bubbling crowd

For I didn’t want you to see me

To raise your hand to say ‘Hi!’

To shatter the magic of childhood infatuation

Of dissolving whispers and kisses

All I wanted was to taste you with my eyes

To love you with all your faults and your bad hairstyle

Made heady by the vintage of old love made new.

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The WOW love, well its your imaginations and word which makes this so special
Great again
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just amazing... :)

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