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You burst into my soundless world last night

With a haiku

Four seductive lines of verse

Queuing after countless others sent before

Promising blue skies and yellow sands

Your haiku caresses us

As we lie love-locked

Our skins glued with guilt

The wheeling cormorants screech and mock overhead

I am numbed, my heart a gall-stone of stifled sorrows

Derided by my own dreams

Shards of reality pierce my wish-bubbles

My soles scalded by trials past, present, and future

Your haiku a golden fly

Snapped up by a slithering tongue.

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first welcome back @naina, your post is great and really a nice start again. Hope to see and read you again and again now
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I agree with @Ravi Vashisth and also do welcome you to YoAlfaaz :)

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