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Tell me

Why’s she lonely and can’t find inner peace?
Why did the love he had for her decrease?
Tell me why did he in another’s heart reside?
Why did, his love for her, so quickly slide?

You may well say this is how things work here,
Even love shines a while and tends to disappear,
By why, I ask, things work the way it works,
Why must love spark and then vanish just like fireworks?

If she wanted I would have placed my heart in hers,
Our hearts would then beat together for years and years,
If she only had stretched her hand she would have reached,
And caught my heart and would not have any law breached!

But as I get closer to her at bay she stays,
A broken heart broken it will remain always,
Though love may knock on her broken heart’s door,
Love which entails nothing but pain she wants no more!

And yet a love, forlorn, I continue to seek,
But why, of hope when there’s no hope, I speak?
Does love give joy or it’s pure pain will you explain?
They say love lasts, but tell me please why does it wane?

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ones of the best poems as always...
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Thanks, thegurjyot!

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