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It feel like yesterday when through a face book social group I came  to know about this place and wished to be part of it, as at that time, Priya Madam was promoting about a contest of love poetry related to the platform, and there I came to know that an online portall being a great one exist in the name of Yo Alfaaz.
I didn't waste my time trying to google it, trying to know what's it up to or to varify but straight away asked to help with the visual task of captcha to perform in signing whereby I got Priya ma'm help and thence on Gurjyot bro also came to assist by which I finally came to YoAlfaaz.
In this way My first poem on the portal was on gandhi ji and from there on having it's good response I started writing poetry of various kind to make an impact as a user with writing skills.
Only it was from thence on when my poem titled 'Flashes' came then I got the reward of large community response and it was responded greatly by the community readers and administrators who appreciated and from thence I didn't look back.

In recent times from counting 3 precious years I have given variety to my writing styles and has also got love of the yo alfaaz as an online writing community.
Here I am able to write various genres including poems, shhort-stories, Shayaris, quotes, Songs,, essays and memoirs and all are read with great passion and feedback for which I am gratified to all.
What I want to cherish as 3 years of the place is that it has given me scope and has been an assuring platform that is always backing my ability with creative scope in it's virtual essence.
It was here where I came to know about Nick sir with his great writing tallent who gave me chances to publish international Books and since then I can guarantee that those who are writing here or has been part of it are certainly going to benefit from it.

The place has great online potential, gives you equal space to live as a thinking person and also allow to show you the creative strength at highest level.
And thence you will not find yourself alone here for sure and now and then some movement regarding your tallent wil surface making you happy also being part of your success.
These are the moments for sure which I am also extremely happy to be part of and feel great to complete 3 years on the portal as a user and writer indeed.

there is only one fact I want all to consider wich is that you should not limit your creativity and would wish to take the most when it comes to the portal like Yoalfaaz in it's ultimate sphere.
When I first started to write back in 2016 I was limited to poetry but I found ways to create by great support of the platform to write in other genre and share my writing here to their ultimate limit later on.
What this platform does is that it is able to understand what are your virtual intentions to write and support you in great strengths which is phenomenal.
It has given me hope, an oppurtunity to live as writer and has made me a passionate author who has now in back 3 year written around 44 books for which this place has been a great inspiration no dout.
Thanks to all there at yo alfaaz, I am sure that your love for me shall continue and I will share and write more at the place- till then let's celebrate these 3 memorable years together that I complete today on 2nd of February 2019 at Yoalfaaz as a user and writer at large...

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