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It was first of all great for the whole team through two changed flights to arrive in the early afternoon of 31st of January ahead of the quiz tournament that will take place from 2nd to 5th Feb, 2019.
Oslo is the great city to watch for, has some great warcraft and cultural history, and the spearhead in essence of Scandenavia it attracts you with all it's deep natural and cultural essence.
Thus when we as team reached the city via air, we were greatly welcomed and the organising team for our cuntry by the Norwegian blind Committee came to the airport and received us well.
From there on we were taken through their own lemousine and we were asked to have a quick brunch before seating ourselves in the vehicle to travel to the place where the tournament shall proceed.

Generally as a captain it is my duty to introduce the other members of the team and it's coach sir duty to introduce our team which we did at first while all things were in arrangement for the short brunch in process that included coffee, cup cakes and vegetarian burger.
Once that was done and we had our tastes, we settled in the back seats of the Lemousine and were taken to 1 hour great ride to reach the place that is on centre stage of the attention in February 2019.
We were getting closer to the cuntry side as Oslo is also a municipality and as we crossed we got to catch some local Scandenavian music and shrill calls of the nature through our ears which was great to ears and we fell great comfort while seated with great relief with our jackets and gloves on.
We were told of the heating arrangements by the organisers from the front seats and our smiles increased feeling happy to be part of such great functioning with equal organiser's support.
Finally after 1 hour there we were and it was now going to be a great experience next few days at the place to be found on and make the mark for the country.

though before all that is going to come through, We have planned as team to visit some local hot spots on 1st of February which we informed to the arranging team of transport and they waved their hands gesturing that they should ready and pleased to accompany as service.
Finally the rooms were shown to the team- with the couple in 1 room, other 3 boys in another one, 1 for the coach with management staff and one ofcourse as captain quarters for myself.
We changed into our local dresses, thanked the organisers for the services and opened the hot blowing system for heat comfort sitting and planning for the next day forward.
Once that was done i was told by the managing staff that some old experts who know me through Ebook Norway want to greet me personally and thus leaving my team to enjoy I stepped out in the late afternoon sun and went towards them feeling at home at large.

What I am sure as captain that this place may not be familiar but it will give equal comfort to all those who have come here to play and show their skills as visually impaired fellow and thinking that I turned away meeting more Captains from the teams who have already come from the  respective countries and stopping only to inform where I was going so early.
I headed to the offices of my Ebook portals where they know me well, Thus I shook hands with them, told them of my major purposes and with their assured wishes came out spending more time with country captains who knew me best talking and chattering about better performances in this tournament.
As evening came through I had come back to my team quarters, told them all what has been accomplished and also fiercely asked them to be prepared for the countries they know like me.
Thus Oslow is a city of calm and while having my evening vegetarian meals I finally started to feel that there is certainly going to be a great experience in this beautiful place by all means and I thanked the lord turning to my room and giving word to the team for the next day trip in virtual spirits and with smiles all around it was the day called at last...

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