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Since India started it's glory moments in international quizzing in Visually impaired background back in 2015, it has not looked back about the challenges, problems or issue or to contain out communal harmony or cultural responses to the regular performances done by the team under leadership of Saurabh pant who is greatly guided by coach R. Ranganathan sir as team coach and the vice captain Nandi Amolkar with her husband Satish shrivastava looking after certain finances of travel whenever necessary for the team and hence a great management also comes to the fourfront for the country's generous success.
Normally it is expected from India whenever now they go on to participate in such tournament that they do take responsibilities of rising the country's flag to pride and make it an impetus to celebrate.
Though there ar certain social elemments who not understand their tendencies, but besides the response have been great that makes them happy and regularly in touch for tournament and it's practice and performances round the clock.
In 2018 Saurabh led India to victory in 2 big tournament that included the BRICS culture quiz in south Africa and the Scott stardom tournament in Scotland and hence the enthusiasm of the team is very high after such responses to play and face off the tournament rising ahead.

it is a basic understanding amongst the whole team that Norway will be cold and thus they would require special concerns of their health for which the medical staff has been assigned at first to look after and arrangements for every team by the Norwegian committee for the Blind are assured which make things more impressive.
As a general routine India as team had started their quiz training back from 6th of January 2019 and it shall go on till 31st morning, the day when they have to travel, And till then the team's whole focus is to study certain countries who are participating and observe their tactics by studying their patterns online thus they practice in more speed as the ocasion comes closer.
Generally according to Captain and the vice captain, the new teams who would face off are not big threats but the teams who have been champions earlier can make the challenge.
Both do agree about the potential of Norway, finland an Denmark and the home benefits they have from the place is they stand for as vital teams.
Besides facing Japan back in previous years in knock out stages both know that they don't give up easily and hence both are considering strong presentations to lead forward soon as they will come to take on the challenge while participating in such a great platform.
In this way the expectations are surely on the boost and besides them the whole team know how to apply for which they are on the core and willing to perform best which should soon come to know whether or not once the tournament starts.

What is generally expected that India will do well in such tournament where they are going to take part first time and shall make their presence felt.
No dout Saurabh is already known in the country through his digital writing commitments but he would also like to make his presence felt in quizzing and more expectations and pressure comes up on his shoulders.
Besides Nandi is also famous as a group presenter in Norway but she would like to make an impressive position for herself.
What can be expected from 3 younger players that  they should take on the chance and have spot on impact in the knock out round if India reaches there specially in case of buzzle, whistlers and sparking sound questions.
Ultimately it is a general environment that they should try to do their best and make an impact for themselves.

All eyes on their performances now and the wait for the Tournament is gradualy coming closer, but before 2nd of February comes by when the tournament starts, there are still some training left, more work to do and some meetings that would be decisive.
The management have to maintain it's grip making balance and the spirit of sports should be the main focus of the captain with his team as he has always said before.
All can be expected that in whatever way possible India should be proud by their performances as visually impaired and shower wishes as they go on to represent the country in one more quiz tournament, for now all is on their shoulders to plan as well as execute, till then enjoy all...

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