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This quiz tournament first came to existence in 1995 by hard commitments of Jork Vlakven and tom-O Maldei who both were professional visually impaired greats of Norway and wished to commit for greatness, valour and cultural balance of the visually impaired people and students across the world.
As a common approach in beginning the quiz was limited to Scandenavia but as the time processed from 2003 it became available for all the countries who could participate and normaly as rules the countries willing to participate must have won an international quiz tournament in the previous 2  years to be part of such tournament.
Generally as the time went on its organising possibilities also shifted and from only 2 committed hard working and dashing mind it went into the hands of the Norway government and it's Social justice and empowerment ministry to organise it with support of the International Quiz federation and the norwegian Committee of the blind that made it an official tournament and hence it's influence became more popular with it's proceedings expanding culturally around.

As far it's galantary history is concerned, Norway has been the professional team that is popular in this tournament but besides finland and Denmark has also won it on certain ocasion with Finland winning it in 2007 and Denmark in 2011 with great cultural responses from their visually impaired performers.
The only single time when a non european country had won the tournament has been in 2015 when the Asiatic team of Japan was able to manage the victory defeating netherlands in the finals and it was a historic moment for Asian team to make themselves proud by taking inspiration from the intellectual country like Japan.
In this way with it's historic legacy, influence for the visually impaired people and it's cultural significance, this year when it will go on from 2nd to 5th February 2019 in Norway's capital Oslow it will again be great moments to cherish and another hope for those all who participate in the quiz tournaments around.

This year around 40 countries from all 6 continents with their visually impaired tallent are going to participate in the quiz tournament and as its winter time in Norway the chilly conditions will be most challenging besides all the competition for which the Norwegian committee of blind has made their own heat supplemennts and arrangements.
In these all 40 teams india has this time also got the proud chance to be part of this tournament and make it through.
After having the glory of Scott Stardom tournament 2nd time back in September 2018 India is in great touch under leadership of Saurabh pant as a visually impaired and the vice captain nandi Amolkar, right strength Prasang Vajpai, left striker Maneesh Trivedi and the centre mike forward Divyam patani who all are in fresh mood to make  mark.
In this way it would be surely going to be a cracker with all the teams proceeding to the four front and making it an impressive one.

As basic rules are concerned, the tournament shall proceed with the Braille round in which certain countries on their best and lowest should be selected and disqualified in the first move.
After the braille round has been touched down twice, on the next day the digital round will commence in which around 32 teams should be on the go with screen reader software in access and answers typed on the quiz files with their accurate responses.
again after strong marking an analyses of the jury pannel, 16 teams should have to leave home due to their lower score card and the other 16 countries should go on to face the knock outs.
From there on it will become on stage competition with knock out match proceeding forward where the teams should have to go on stage and answer the quiz questions on basis of buzzle, whistle and rapid fire sequence and the best should prod forward.
Once the quarters are done, on the last day Semi finals and the finals should make through  which will also be procession through mikes and that shall be the final result of the tournament.
Thus it is a great tournament coming through, an impressive memory to be part of. Thence India with all other countries look forward to represent the memorable experience in cold Oslow hoping to set new standards; the expectations from the team shall come in next article, Till then Cheers from Charlie...

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