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q: Tell us something about your college life till now.
a: I came here with some good memories and some bad one!
I had a good charm with help of a dreamed one in my school and I had a little bit tention as due to loss of stephens.
I stil remember that how I was teased with vision discouragement in my first day back in college but it was later helpful for me!
It is due to the fact that today I contempt myself that the college has tought me a lot.

q: What are the areas of your interest? Your favorite past time?
a: I like to make new friends, like to listen to music, like to write songs and obviously like to write a lot.
I am fond of various delicious food dishes and as well as I like to enjoy my life.
My best of passing time is my computer, with it's the world of facebook, as I call it my home, and sometimes I like to enjoy braill and do kiddings with my friends also.

q: One of your greatest feats you've achieved till date? This is interesting actually. How did you think of it Being a published author while graduating.
a: I won the consolation prize in national essay contest in march 2013 when I never expected it!
The prachi educational society organise the essay contest on the theme women empowerment and I had to mail them my essay.
I still think that my best achievement was enjoying with my friends after their pullings, their jokes and enjoying in canteen in 1st year.
The 1st year is the best year of my life in college.

q: How did you think of writing a book. And getting published?
a: yeah, I forgot to answer ur 2nd question: it was a seldom achievement for me.
After achieving many pries and hopes, I had a hope inside me.
When I came to college, Mr. Kshitiz Roy was the published author in our dept.
I used to ask to my batchmates who used to pull my leg whether I could be an author or not.
Then in 2nd year, I tried to publish a poetry collection that is titled 'honour' but I had not enough money to do the job so I postporned it.
Finally I got this achievement in september 2014 so I feel happier and I hope that I shall be able to become better and better day by day.

Though, I am lighting it to you in consent to my book that affection never dies was in my mind when I was giving exams of 4th semester but I thought of just writing it.
As in, due to help of my brothers, the guidance of power publishers and then the wonderful support helped me to become the author of this book.

q: Great ! Will you consider the same as your profession? Or do you have any other plans?
a: if a person becomes author, he or she finally sets to do the same, but as far I am concerned I can only speak of my profession'al future.
If I get success, then I will focus more. I play little bit drums. I want to get professionalise in them and have a band of my own and it would be a tough journey but a melody also.
I want to go in the field of music as well as in field of a researcher so let's hope for the best.

q: What kind of research are you interested in?
a: I have varied interests to write, read and focus when it comes to research.
I like zoology a lot even I have lack of vision so I can't do field work but yeah, I can write journals for the animal security and their habilitation.
Except that, I like history, political science and geographical interest deepening my score and scope of interest.
As well as I have interests in astronomy and botany a little bit.
I am not confidential because I know very little, but I want to learn about things and that's how I develop my world.

q: Well, it is the curiosity which keeps you going, isn't it? Tell us something about your book. Also, provide us the links where our readers can find your books.
a: it happens often, when we think of a title like (affection never dies), we directly feel that it's a romantic book or something.
My book has theme of animal trafficking, but I won't confuse you;
Let me clear in a second,that it has to do nothing with global animal security and it's not an essay collection.
My book is about the lifestyle of hills; what kind of nature the hills have; how the means of survival are constantly challenged by the state complexity; And in what way the modern technology is being attracted and in what way the themes go around.
My book has thre key features: naturalism, realism and romanticism: my book is a challenge of two societies: one which is developed and one which wants to develop; but their lifes doesn't allow them to do so.

as far the links are concerned, I have already shared my books' preview on my fb timeline.
If anyone of studens want my book, it's available on firstly at power publishers website, as well as the most rusty business websites like flipcart and amazon now.
If they require,  they can search (affection never dies) and they wil find it there in different attractive ranges.

Thanks Keshav and Ankita for that interview-
Memories came back of college days...
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saurabh you are amazing and humble

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