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Mr. X was 35 year old. He had a beautiful wife, 2 kids and an ageing father. He was the only child to his father and his mother passed away a year before.
His father was too weak to eat, bathe or walk by himself.
There will be times when he will break plates,vomit,wet his pants and need medical attention.
Mr X's wife hated him. She was constantly complaining about him to Mr X.
One fine day, for the sake of his love towards his wife, Mr X made up his mind to admit his father to an old age home/orphanage called as "VIVEKANANDA ORPHANAGE AND OLD AGE HOME" which was 15 km away from his house.

"He will get a company of his own and will feel better there ", he justified his actions to his self consciousness through such remarks.

After admitting his father in that center, When Mr X was returning, he got a call from his wife requesting him to make him stay in that old age home even for the festivals that were approaching as she didn't want his father to break things and spoil moods.
Mr X went back to that orphanage to see his father talking to the warden of that orphanage like they were old friends. They were sharing jokes and sipping tea together.
Mr X got confused and after his father left with the nurse, he asked the warden if he knew his father before.
The warden said, "Yes, I know him from like 35-36 years. He adopted a baby boy from here. We are good friends since then"
The End
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It's been quite a while since I read a good short story. Thank you for sharing it with us :)
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good one

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