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A while time i did see you,

what came across me, shouldn't have,

with the same smile i did see you

what came in my eyes, did flow.

Never knew i still had it in me

to look at you the way i used to

the gap between us was so mild

yet i couldn't come close.

Some day we think not to get attached

not that we don't want to , its that

we know the pain when its faded

and that is what i felt that pain all over again.

Your living the life that we imagined

the moments we wanted to build

the words we wanted to tell each other

the hand we wanted to hold on for long.

Then the tears in my eyes said me

you are still living that life of ours

just that not with me, and then yet i had a thought

i could have still made you laugh love care.

Yet i stand here looking at you 

wishing up in a star which is already falling

now what should i wish for

you to be mine or me to move on.

When i know neither is something i want.

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Nice piece of work and nicely composed
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thanks mate
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nicely written, liked it... :)
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thank you

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