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         # Say Yes #
Call me coz I'll fall
Talk coz my feet wanna walk
Tell me dear, before my my feet swell
Kiss my lip or tease my tip
Love me for like doves we can dive
Hold me close to your folds
Say yes and I'll swirl and toss twice

Can't stop to think of you pretty
Can't halt to call and say nothing
Coz my heart has a part of you
Fill in it like a pain pill please
Coz I keep dreaming of us streaming live
But still skimming of our future skills

Your voice vocals cut through my nerves
Your touch sensual like a pin in the ear
Your look cooks right for me
Your heart is what I wanna have
Your love for what it values I'll validate
I'll climb, dive and fight tight to die in your arms

I'll cling to you like a ring to a door
I'll wait not faint for nights
I'll hold my tears and fears for now
I'll culture my heart right and tight
I'll watch not pouch for you girl
Coz like a feather you'll feel my heart

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Loved it!
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This is one of the best poems that had been written
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Thanks for the positive complement.

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