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We knew the fear never washed away
My dreams demand an open eye
We knew the pain will have to stay
And these tears will have to dry
My roads are still alone
So far away from home
Step by step,longer it gets
But atleast it's all of my own
Let me walk by, whilst they got horses
They can't stop by to smell the roses
Thorns might prick and scent be gone
 as the day ends, my heart will mourn
More sour the pain, sweeter the song
Guess I was never meant to be strong
 gold and silver never quenched my thirst
Your Smiles and laugh did sooth at first
But I know these moments do fade away
Tomorrow will eventually become today
Stay for the night, leave by the sunshine
Pay for the light, shade for the next time
Best of the poems will not rhyme
Rest of the poems will not mind
As long as words can fill the pages
Great minds will fill the stages
Poor will seek freedom in cages
For ages and for ages.
Will you still love me, if I can't provide?
Treat you with riches or take you for ride?
Will you still ask me where have I been?
Or take me for granted, be little mean?
How is it love when it's not selfish?
How is it love when we don't sell wish?
How is it love with no promises broken?
How is it love with no lies been spoken?
How is it hate with no curse words?
How is it hate if we don't go nuts?
How is it hate if we don't cheat?
How is it hate if we don't repeat?
Confused in our own misery we stay
Stop the pain and part the way
Now I leave you, as your feeling changes
Strangers, friends, lovers then strangers
Dear, Miss me a little when I am gone
Please let me be now all by my own.
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great post again
your phrases are one of the bests
writing the reality or on real life situations are not easy to go with
but if you somehow manage to write and win hearts, thats great
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Thank you Muneeb. You might also like to read my other poems.
"the other side of the story"
Scroll down to check them out and drop your review. :)

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