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Walking by the roadside, lights dimming away
Bloodshot eyes, must be from the liquor I had today
I have to go and catch a bus,to get the price they won't like to pay
For even the devil be ashamed of all the inhuman stuff I gladly crave
Why can't I hear no barking dogs on the streets?
Did I hammered all of them to death in a week ?
I'm Such a freak, no? And with this scratch on my face
Maybe I got this from that baby I tried my hands on yesterday.
It's my birthday today, waiting for this moment for long though,
My soul is thirsty for some thrill, which I won't lose it on a go
I want to be her cake tonight and I will make her sing a song too
make her blow the candle, I know they all have a sweet tooth.
let me drive you through the year ninety four
Brought up in a brothel, you guessed it right.. Another son of a whore
No faces and no traces of dignity every night for my dear mother
Had a baby sister whom I know will grow up to be just like her
Had no clue about my father, rather I will say it don't matter
No memories, just some nightmares is all that I could gather
It was my birthday that night, but I guess mumma didn't remember
I still hear the door bang, they coming in and they pushing her in the corner
Stripped her infront of me, slapped and raped her and she screamed
She cried and cried, they stabbed her, burned her and there I lost her forever
I started picking pockets, snatching chains and selling cheap drugs
my gang had its name on every wanted list , the police hated us
Sun never rose for us, I wonder why it was always dark outside
Me with friends, GB road,my dear sister, little incestuous fun,she lost her life
My heart will always stay in Delhi,especially for that one girl I found here
White skin and tight clothes,but it's day time, all we do is stare
My habits,my manner and my own unique taste
With my brain always commanding me,
About that guy who grabbed her by the waist
Tell me, why it just can't be me?
Why can't I hear her scream just like my mumma used to do?
I crave for the bloodstains on my hands and make her choke on it too.
Tear her apart from the middle and cuddle while she dies
I promise, I will kill the one who stops me, even if someone tries.
Remember where I was heading to, I had to catch a bus
My friends are by my side, it will be she and five of us
But first, she will be not alone so a metal is a must
Are you ready for the worst? felt little nostalgic already
To get the magic in this tragic, you must   need to have that ability
I hear the horn, oh there's the bus, now lets see, umm..just wait
Oh yes, there she sits by the window, my gift. It's time to celebrate
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this is great
so many tastes and very well composition
the best part I like is it's having real life instances rather the ideal fiction story
it is really really nice and i enjoyed reading this post a lot
thanks for sharing this friend
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You're motivating me to upload more
Should I?
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Absolutely you should... Even I liked your poem a lot...
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Okay, will keep posting more :D
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i'm not just motivating you but also i'm requesting you to be this impressive and original always.
keep going
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Your comments over my post means a lot. The existence of writers can only be celebrated when there are readers. I have posted a new one "A LITTLE WAY DOWN THE ROAD". Its about the hard decisions we are supposed to make while choosing one between love and career. I hope you give that a read and provide me your valuable review. :)
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for sure my friend @rajatharidas
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Gurjyot and Ravi Bhae Ma to iski pehli post par hairaan reh gya tha amazed by amazon  .You are really good but I have a tip or suggestion and I will tell you inbox

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