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Short steps were sounded as some creatures were walking on the snow and their area seemed vast in the night where no sun was visible and no light was possible there.
Some coined them part of the dark night, some considered them the haunting ghosts and even some wrote ferry tales on their existence.
And yet these creatures are there in the silent snowy Arctic quietly moving, searching for life changing possibilities, hunting in their ways and still able to balance their white ecology.
Nobody exactly knew how they managed, why they are there but there is something in the snow beyond which is not understood by humans and these creatures admonished it being happy to themselves that at least they also have a separate world where nobody can interfere and they are at least safe from the worst predator of the earth, The humans of course.

Nature always keep it's own tact’s in places like Arctic where 4 months the sea is blue and sun is always visible though the next 8 months everything is under the white puff of snow and dark beyond the whiteness that is the only scene on this ocean and quietly many lives go to hibernation and some still stay awake as long they can fight the streaming coldness everywhere that is light and heartening indeed.
The fact remained the way those huge polar bears first targeted Seals, turned snow and it's white layers to their advantage, sometime got success by catching them off and then wished to turn into hibernation.
Same is with those arctic foxes that have jus given birth to new cubs and they are learning how to hunt and why to go through the icy canopies.
Similar goes with those Ross burs which are asking their young one to fly before the snow covers all the feathers and it would be impossible to take off in the icy wind and breeze.
And all in all whether creatures that live on land, fly in sky or go beyond the icy waters, Arctic is silently creeping back to the shadows it is known for and is welcoming the whiteness which is the snow beyond in its ultimate face.

Though something is changing as can be very clearly visible on faces of these penguins calling their young ones, in these sea lions who are afraid due to some certain interferences, the troubled faces of these Walruses that explain enough, and ultimately in the hard hooded and carved faces of these giant whales and that threat is almost there against their natural will to ignore or to protest and their best of prayers have gone wrong.
Yes, after all, after long momentum of searches evidences and excavations, humans have interfered and attacked in large numbers with loud sea noise, their harpoons clasped and straight vies attacking the innocent creatures.
Such white snow is now covered with red, the calm barrages are now filled with dead carcasses, wind is turning and twiddling but doesn't matter to humans and the worst predator has entered the shell of the ice to creep, smash and crush the opportunities it sees with ease on the first attempt.

Many creatures tried to fight but governmental notices were approved to kill them professionally and their bodies were also costing heavy for the human's own benefits.
Many creatures tried to run on but they were captured by human's professional boats and their echoes were gone forever in one crushed blow.
Many tried to break through the professional human nets and got entangled and their hungry voices dying with the starvation they are in trapped.
And ultimately the snow beyond is not visible and all that was snow is now melting to nothingness which that human couldn't understand and lost it all in his own hands.

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