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The present ruling government is very proud on the model that they assume should win them majority, has expressed it's best of promises to the masses, And they are also in the half hearted conviction that it would lead them to great heights in probable concent so far their cultural and political impact is concerned.
This model which they call Development, the way in which they have most promptly earned votes, and also has shattered certain records of political legacy has a very dangerous flaw and that flaw rests with Environment.
The government can promise that they have equally done in the field of environment and they are only party who have taken development in great note considering Indian social and natural climate, But the reality is that they have harshly damaged Environment in their quest to become successful and they don't realise.
Being favourable to industrialists, being happy to gain money and mode, As well as being able to chant development They are not going to accept the crime of destruction they have done in the form of environment and that is serious fued in it's ultimate respect which hardly the other groups have discussed, and this development continues to harm our climate in bigger naturel as welll as social precepts.

The thing is that this is the government who launched the Namami Ganga project and it's subsidiary other factors to aid in cleaning of Ganga river firstly that didn't come to fruition and we still witness heavy pollution, which is a clear favour of application to the industrial groups who work on it's bank, and by such measure this party generally support.
Besides this government conducted Secure Himalaya project which was aimed to help Himalaya balance it's climate but resulted in practical benefits only to industrial commitments.
The government launched the Green India mission which is another very ambitious one and only witnesses greenery to the monetary aids.
Ultimately in leadership of This present day government, India led the world to the Indian Solar Alliance and it also became a controversy in International stage though the UNO group accepted it's elligence due to industrial capacity when it was supplied that it will create economic benefits.
Besides many other missions were led by the government just in the name of Environment and on the other side their constructional development, chemical development, hotel management, tourist parks, Dumping grounds, meat-to-creatures and their fake encounters, destroying large tree covering areas and all continued to gain prominence that resulted in drastic measures in context of Indian environment and that all happened in the name of development which is rather destruction.

What this all suggest that these tactics to support the developmen were political aids to win hearts of people that yes they are committed and in reality they were helping chroni capitalists in probable ways which means that they are still indulged to give benefits to their chosen parties rather than give public relations their priority which is the main job of administration.
The lack of jobs and employment, emptiness of the financial set up to fulfill all the Green mission, the probability on question on their stature and ultimately the errors done in commitmetns shows that there is a serious concern in the reign of this government.
What they have done is that they have destroyed our country to give support to Foreign industrialists, have given space to them just in the name of commitments and they continue to disrupt the environment in the name of development with it's destruction which is a concern that must be considered.

The example of creating Forest fires in hilly states by their internal disrupting groups, attacking the locals by vicious circle with silent torture and slaughter, their pattern to adjust hotel systems and destroy daily ways of the agrarian society dependent on environment, And making the public hoodwinked that the development is taking place is something that requires attention and must be understood.
This Gujarat model of development has been observed by so many survey doing agencies wherre they have found that 'Slavery type threats' are coming to sorts with those who apply in smaller vacancies and employments is also lost which assume the terror of the party politics behind the major precept this government has.
What is the need of the hour that decisions should be made with planning, this government has to contain it's mask and has to realise the real issues, must understand the social environment and it's value Or if it continues to talk with 'Development' and think that public can be hoodwinked then it would ultimately lead to their downfall.
In all ways, so consider it, make commitmens real and help in survival of 'Indian' Democracy...
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that's very true brother and environmental destruction is a real threat...
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Thanks veer for appreciation as well as ur environmental concern.

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