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So many political jibes have been through to the current rulinng party and it has also been seen that it has become critical by accusing them of Demonetisation, GST bills, Raphael, financial elitism, Farmers of progressive gentry and other tactics, and the best way oppositions could use are coming to ploy.
Though there is one theme the opposition can't trick the present ruling power that is the impact of what they bring to the current public, it's empowerment, economic and social afinity and cultural dignity.
By attacking on one person who is most honorary person of the current Indian administration and only targetting him because he has led some international ventures to happen possible in country is a rather disappointing measure.
In such manner what is the first misconception of the opposition is that they should only atack prime minister on name, has made their habit to insult him without perspective to politicise his name, try to plan that they should insult him on the worst terms and that would do them lot of good which is a wrong notion in all respects.
Honorary political scholars with all due respects do not forget that he is your country's prime minister, and till then he is, the respect and trust of that 135 Carore people's trust goes with him as well as you are only targetting single entity giving space to your errors though leaving others mean that you have forgotten what other people of his party equally brings to the table and wrongly accusing the PM also brings an error of judgement in it's sake.

Besides not considering the political ploy, there are certain interest groups who have risen in rebellion for which the main reason is their own political gains which haven't been satisfied because they were involved in some wrongly mutated practices and rightly done so which meant that when they were not satisfied they tried to leave on the progress and directly offended the current ruling party.
What these groups have done including those active in financial crimes, political activities, apprehending certain people to spread terror, or to mutalate our soldiers is that they have been using it for political gain and would have been successful if Honorary Pm and his party won't have looked to the matters seriously.
The examples of intrusive element in Chattisgarh involving urban maoism; The examples of farming circles, their captive industrial policies and trespassed momentum in Rajisthan; And the technical errors in analysing the conditions of economic elitism in MP are some symbolic errors the opposition hasn't looked upon.
In such manner not only politically but culturally the opposition  has done errors by targetting Honorary Modi Ji and his party in all respects.

Considering to the backround this party runs through, the variety of strength it was provided by Late Bajpai ji and the form of strength our present PM provides also help to understand that culturally it is a strong bench of Indian collective engagement in driving force around the world and help in glory of India around the world by the support it gives to all classes in the country.
There are certain challenges to face for this party and true some would want it to be out of rule sowering the seeds of economically Demonitisation, Strategically Raphael, Environmentally Ganga river, Technically the Digital crossroads between Paytem and Alibaba, In borders matters like Doklam and in agriculture surely the farmers, intellectually the arbitraries, and many others.
Though the question is that if the position of this party shift and it looses then who will look after the consiquences India had to face after they loose their rule?
Can the changed political party help in considering the lossess these tactics have in wider scope?
Can another party help in sorting out the critical results these policies had in longer terms?
Can they argue in support of making India better or they would let it go in doom taking benefits of the crises with their mentalities connecting it to these policies?

Arguing on the realist grounds, it is a prominent fact that those who want, if replace this structure, can not change and even they can let things more horribly down which our country won't expect to have.
In such circumspect as much India has lost in the party's rule, so it's 10 fold benefits has also come to reality and today India stands in a much better financial position across the world which It will loose in next party's position.
By such standards Indian public would have to understand the vitality of our honorary Pm sir and his party indeed.
This party is the only that understands the weaker sections, the vital power of the middle classes and though it is called the party of 'Chronicapitalists' those capitalists are such certain power maintaining groups that give job, support, farms, heavy loans and all the system that work through.
And if struggled against their position by other parties is done for who will have to connect with them which directly mean that they can't even try still India would loose it's current position through inside and outside which ultimately mean that BJP is the only party that recognise power of Indian culture and can lead it to the moral 'world inspirer' like strength in all over the world...
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your three paragraphs can be considered under the right to criticise and as an opposition, whether it be a pm or his party itself,
also in your whole essay their no single mention of any cultural lift done by the party and yet you are declaring this party as a party of "Indian culture".
well their can never be one party rule in a democratice country, and if you know the true reality of whole india, you wouldnt consider any party to understand indian culture due to its diversity, we might need scholars ruling on us that too in indian cultural and diversity section to completely recognjse and become " indian cultural " understanding party.
the topic given like farming etc are common, waving of loan comes on middles man's pocket always it's not the farmer, this debate can be very long but bjp cannot be wholly considered party for Indian CULTURE .
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very modest as well as closer to your heart the issue seems to be- your analyses are also appreciated-But I am sure you clearrly went through my essay and was able to recognise what I wrote it for? Serious you consider of a claim that a political party ruling over cultural diversity of a country? Na mate, my intention was something else u missed out on, solve the clues whil reading it once more, I will be very happy if you can...

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