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After nomination being approved, accolades for the name being settled, And all becoming glad on the name being brought to the attention for this great award, It was not easy though to consider receiving it through as it would take facing all the high dignatories, high class people and the task of sitting amongst them is always a critical stage indeed.
Though it is true that the award has two separate signitory affiliation and in 1st medally a smaller one 'Signitory medal' is presented and in 2nd process the 'symbol of creative art' is presented to the nominee who has been announced earlier which meant that it took great formal process.
Thence I was explained by my team that what would be the process, how to go through about it, an what would be earlier mechanism which I had decided.
My plan was to be assured that what would be my speech and how I would elaborate it in front of these great dignitories that was going to be a great experience indeed.

Generally the procession of the official white house table in Washington starts with the speech of the official press people and same did take place on the dice as experienced high profiles media experts had arranged themselves and they took it greatly by starting a debate on 'freedom and legacy of liberty' for the Person with disabilities which was a great joy to listen.
Once that was done, the Honorary president had come forward to deliver the speech, and stated how he has been concerned with the Disabled people across the world, and he handed the procession to the Vice president and Secretary of state.
As the higher officials had been delivering their views, the high classified food custom was on and I was enjoying chocolate chips along side my great Indianfriends who have come their also and hence before the prize distribution the high profiled speeches, debates, cultural seminars and pamplat releases were on the move.
It was not long though when it would take place and I was becoming bit nervous and eager also to consider what may be main aspect of my speech, how I should deliver it and what not to miss.
Hence I continued to enjoy the comments people would pass at end of evry speech, would also sometimes raise a question or crack a joke, and clapped with all that was great experience.

The process was almost on the brink of final structure now where the officials all have gone in for their oficial evening dine out and the process for prize distribution has begun for which the U S minister of Social wellfair has taken the centre stage.
A speech was carried as the honorary minister processed towards the podium, explained the contemporary processes of disability, And we were all in joy as the stories of struggles and progress were revealed.
Once that was done the people invited from across the world were asked to come forward in the line they were seated and We all were considered to have patience as the minister would also ask some questions to each while delivering the prize.
It did happen around and thence every person and scholar felt pleased in his or her strength as technicalities were revealed and answers were on the complete core that was really exciting as well.

When my name was called, I felt proud representing my country and attached my country badge to my chest walking forward with that usual smile on my face hoping to be asked tougher questions and still curious.
Though The minister was polite, asked me some questions about the quiz experiences around the world, asked for the works that are published in diffrent formats by me and in last I also got a chance to ask a question from my side and request to give a short speech which was answered with great respect and request was accepted.
I stepped in front, cleared my voice and settled on for five minute speech in which my focal statement was 'Competition brings fears, threats and attack but Cooperation brings help, aid and equality by which we can win harts of all' and in my whole speech I considered this and made it my prime motive and hence once it was done all applauded it and appreciated by all in great spirits.
After that Ultimately both medals were honoured to me as mentioned above and I had received this honorary award and It was one of my lifetime experience standing and sitting amongst these honorary dignitories, and smiling with all,clapping and enjoying the best moments.
At last I want to express gratitude to parents and family, the communities from all over the world and besides the US Government for this award, Thank you all it's due to you that I am such a personality today. Till then keep smiling, keep sharing and continue to bless me with better writing at large...

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