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It was very early in the morning when i was awaken by the team that has been looking after my visit to Rochester and they told me that we havve to go through 20 Kms back to the square for all the formal proceeding that would take place.
I was also asked to have different style of clothes with blue and green stripes which I accepted and they told me that the breakfast would take place near the spot so I was eager to be part of the glory that was coming closer to me as the time was ticking on.
Besides it was also the time when the great award receiving time would come close in washington and that was what in my mind buzzing around but I took control of my curiosity and focused Rochester first that was looming ahead.
I was settled in the car, was offered the Cravat due to the wind blowing from outside and soon my journey back to the official place had begun in the car with laughter, jokes being cracked and smiles all around me with equal respect and pride for each other.

Once after travel of 45 minutes when we reached the place with official entries, vehicle parking and critical oficial ways being sorted down, I caught up some smiling faces pointing and talking in my direction and their voices wer so familiar to me with Indian accent that I couldnt stop myself and ran towards them as they told that they have also come to witness the rochester celebrations of World disabled day.
We shook hands, asked how all has been going on in the United States and with the quick smiles, the team told me that they are glad to help me out with some of my old friends and all of us would have breakfast together.
I was not sure whether vegetarian would be available or not, so I took out my tracing devices to track whether what type of food and beverage menu would be served, and after making sure that all was only vegetarian custom is assured I was delighted and team also smiled approving my testing task.
Thence the breakfast was served with Cheese bread, coffee, mashed Onion soup, hot rice pudding and fruit cake and it was great to be part of such an environment where all familiar to each other laughed, talked of the Indian ventures, and at last after standing all of them congratulated me for my present affiliation which was a great memory indeed.

Now it was certainly shifting towards the formal way and the atmosphere was also changing that had become serious, moody and all faces were more busy in their official task as I bid my Indian mates and crossed the way with aid of volunteers towards the library that has been provided for 3 hour intentional impact by the rochester square.
Though here also I found some affection in form of those who have just arrived in library and my community friends from Visually impaired, Deaf and dumb, one Hand and one leg, those who are on wheelchair and Locomotive all got excited as I entered and I wished them hello.
Once doing that I went across the main computer centre and submitted a pen drive which was requested by the team looking after my movements here in rochester and should be part of my Washington affinities.
They had asked me one day before to collect the PDF files of all my 36 works with smaller or last minute adjustments which I had done well and now as I submitted the pen drive they smiled and hence had provided the opppurtunity of spreading my all books in digital forms to around 200 digital libraries all across United States and Canada for which I am gratified to them, thanked them from heart and after bidding my community mates I stepped out from the Computer section of the library.

Finally after all good proceedings, the last moments of the formal function were coming close and it was time to listen out the Legendary speaker who has been invited and hence James sir is a great person, had fought half of his life for various causes and is a great social activist and thus it was a traet for me to listen him out.
Though it was not only him that People were going to listen and as he finished his explainatory presentation and speech, he drifted the mike towards me and I was surprised as my team chanted, all people around called my name and I had to speak.
It was good to be part of the moment as a short feedbak presentor and in my speech I did mentioned about three nodal cause for the disability sections that need to be addressed which include A noble cause for everyone, Open oppurtunities and their right use, And a group that is acting in leadership of such nodle cause which was my key motive to speak.
Once that all was done, I was given a momento and check on stage so was to James sir, James sir got happy and had photo session with me and the team, and all hands shaken together we all came out in great spirits with me heading towards the airport and looking ahead finally the formal procession of the Hersten Collar award...

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