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The city of many tastes, glorious cultural essence and lovely scenes, Rochester helps you get right in touch and make the most of it's flavours which are varied in nature and taste.
Generally people go for hard food, heavy spices or extra sugar But Rochester offers taste for all who come and visit here and hence as I had come here for World disabled day celebrations to take place on 3rd of Dec, I got the chance to visit the Greek Bakery that is famous for its sweet cookies without which you can't dish out and it is great to visit this place and enjoy the taste first up.
Though bakery was not my only destination and there was lot of food activity i did as a vegetarian food lover and  hence this is what I will share here in this memoir indeed.

As I was approaching my 1st day in USA the evening has approached and after listening to some good music, I reached a vegetarian place in Rochester that serves juices of large variety and serves them well.
I went up to the corner, asked for the orange slice and Apple juice and as the order came I met with some friends who have known that I would be receiving the Hersten Collar award and they talked through it's process, nomination and menditory rules which I explained.
Once the juice was served, I had some quick gulps of Orange slice first appreciating it's touch and then enjoyed Apple juice with it's quality.
Once done with that I was told that the bill has been done by those who have asked me to stay being my team and thence I thanked all and turned away to my reciting place with their transport aid to have great momentum.

As the night approached, My team again asked me to choose a place of my own for vegetarian tastes and I was thankful to them that they have given me complete liberty so I asked them to take me to an Indian place where I can enjoy with my country tastes and they agreed.
I went to the Indian hotel 12 KmS away from my reciting place in the car they have provided for the movement and as soon I have entered there was huge cheer and welcome due to their information to the hotel management.
I ordered vegetarian Cabbage fries, rice and tomato soup and also asked to add Rice pudding in desert for the fun of it.
I enjoyed it a lot having it for my good tastes, had few clicks with the hotel people, and then went back to my place.

Though those who know me they are perfectly aware that I don't sleep very early and have some night roming taste for myself and that knowledge is also in minds of the team that has been helping me along in rochester before the 3rd December celebrations so they asked me finally for the fun of it to have supper in one more Vegetarian place.
There I was asked to choose sweet and salty snacks, had choice on the buttering of bread, enjoy some local Lemon pie tastes and ultimately the day was called.
After getting good royalty in the early morning from Washington Library, traveling by flight to Rochester and then being welcomed with such great honour and taste it was a great cultural impact and now I look for 3rd of December to come and enjoy some more great moments.
Thank you all for asking to share the Memories and I am delighted to do so, More moments coming soon, Till now Chao chao...

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