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World disabled day is celebrated all across the world every year on 3rd of December and this date has become a motive to commemorate, a cause to be part of and also recognise the driving force of the energies of all the disabled sections from around the globe.
It normally shows the power of all the disabled groups  who have suffered to exist in community, sacrificed in their lives and have been a great potent part of the society.
There has been a certain shift with their great skills in acting force in the social strata today which mean that they have upgraded their skills to a better level and technological movement and quality has also helped to their existence's cause.

On this day every year in great memory the disabled people who are working in the writing industry in all disabled categories are certinly falicitated and they are appreciated for what they have done to help their society feel proud and gratified by their contribution.
Hence in USA a special award is presented to Visually challenged published writers, no matter from which country such scholar comes by, and this award is popularly known amongst we the disabled people as Hersten Collar award.
A prominent award of it's calibre which is named after American born german blind author and scholar Hersten Collar who vastly contributed in the educational revolution in his days, It's winner is highly regarded and hence this award has its own credentials in the disabled community.

Generally as contention it is looked that how far a certain blind candidate has contributed in social change by his or her commitment firstly.
In what way he or she should be eligible by the creative stature that creative writer generally possess in all multiple writing spheres and genres.
Whether any new social change has been effected by his or her conribution in the society that writer certainly belong to which mean that his or her social standards are also visualised.
In what way that cultural dignity has been upgraded for the vi community by his or her contribution and it's sphere by his or her social performance through writing is also considered.
As well as Ultimately his or her book's power is analysed and been put for adjurication by which this award is decided and the creative writer is thence nominated.

In 2018 after looking certain great visually  impaired authors who affected including Thomas Valdimoor from UK, Alex Roussale from New Zealand, Adeel Asharia from Turkey, Xyan Hu Kaen from China, Dashum Huvflaunga from Ghana, Neville Autmorn from Canada and Saurabh Pant from India, it was a critical decision to make.
The committee has finally nominated the best and it was much easier after Gustav Icalnou medal was won by him in Poetry championship back in October 2018.
And thence Saurabh Pant is nominated for the award and he will receive it by hands of US minister of Social wellfair on the world disabled day ceremony on 3rd of December 2018 in Washington DC.
Many many congratulations and carry on with making the blind community proud by your commitments...
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