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Back on 8th of November, 2016 through a television talk show our humble prime minister launched a ddenomination scheme to bring 500 and 1000 rupee note in misuse and on the name of misleading public of discarding the black money, capitalists and company professionals this tact was applied.
Further the associations and authorities like Income Tax office, Enforcement Directorate and Revenue trace department came into action to trace, analyse and capture some very heavy money loots, as it was said, but all that happened for a separate cause.
It was not only an error in consent of 'black mony retreival process' but also an error in consent of depriving certain families, groups and lower classes their existence in the contemporary year.

True, demonetisation can be a political ploy, opposition groups can se it, But there is something else to it and that is much better to consider rather than only demonetisation being a ploy and that is the need of the hour.
Considering the conditions of the contemporary groups, loss of jobs for youths, people being deprived of their services just because they don't use internet or not have web facilities, farmers being damaged of their agrarian comodities and other tacts ar those consent that are not political ploies and reality of this process that took place back in November 2016.
What it did as a policy that it hurt millions of hopes, countless groups, existence of those who believed in a system and hence it can still be questioned why it was thought or planned or in what other way it could have been planned by those who were behind it's implement or rather forced to implement it!

Many scholars who are economic experts consider that an economic balance could have been created in which for those who wanted digital process can be facilitated with it, and for those who don't want it or not have it shouldn't it be compulsory and they could have their necessary process of cash being provided.
Though, those who have studied Economic ways of demonetisation are very much familiar to 'Gujarat model behind the approach which meant that by threatening the stability of country, the position in which it was taken as a decision, and mismatched with all economic policy making, Trade was the only benifactor behind it.
Thence all the schemes that came through like E Vaullets, new websites, Ressurgence mechanism and all patterns were not surely professional, largely outer sources taking benefit of the crisis, familiar with what to do and had great success and benefits which showed why it was applied and how those who suffered were not taken into consent.

The government in rule wanted a scheme that could benefit them, no matter how bad the other classes suffered, And they got it at all cost with approach of such a policy and spurging all the tax patterns, formalities and processes aside Demonetisation was approved, legalised and brought into effect back in November 2016.
Many families got tormented, multiple groups of lower classes lost their jobs, homes and even families, So many who couldn't get married due to lateness of money even ended their lives, many who were in lines had to face heart attacks, pressure ups, wind diseases and other processes; and yet on the name of having trade of Indian trust the government in rule applied Demonetisation.
And though it was found out that silently it was planned from Inside, yts one message gave very clear intention that why this government wanted it to happen in such circumspect.

No matter how many praises this government can attain to the policy (As they have implemented it), the reality is that it is stilll a curse that will haunt those who lost, suffered, got destroyed and lost their families and that is what fears to my mind that this government will also suffer in hands of those who lost everything while suffering wrath of demonetisation.
One thing which can be considered as an advice that Government should consider how badly all Indian families were affected and do a short survey not by their biased media, community and pocket monger but by those who have struggled in the policy's wrath and once that happen and the reality comes by then they will ultimately realise what it has done to Indian system.
Rich people who have facilities will always be contended no matter whatever be the change, but misconception of they helping you to rule is the biggest mistake...

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