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Ages ago when we met first time,
The time seems to tickle by as Our love serves,
How easily you kicked me out from your heart is not easy to explain,
It has always been the case of those steel nerves.

Centuries ago when our love began for firs time,
Those memories seems black, distant and smoke of blirrs,
How easily you punched me out from your love is easy to stain,
I never felt it might be the case of those bold nerves.

Rejoicing with cold fury and revenge to take,
I smoke my memories out in the sizzling bashes of coffee again,
Sitting calm and heart broken I test my nerves,
May be I will rise again kicking out your left bain.

Explaining to my own fury with coldness only to take,
I punch my pillow for comfort with sounds of those heavy rains,
Feeling naughty that you might still feel my intentions to go longer by your nerves,
May be I will love someone better than you rising from that heep of pain...

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