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Ticking the mmemories I had once,
Not knowing that they might favour me once in a lifetime try,
Silently I crawl towards the loosing dance of love,
My nightmare visible to me from my closed eyes.

Crossing away the paths I knew very well once,
Not knowing whether I existin cement o those strong ties,
I thrash away my own confidence to nothingness,
Only the belief of nightmare approaching me visible from those closed eyes.

Who may express the lost an tormenting world I belong,
Once it was blissful in welcomng arms open for every inch of it,
Closed eye reveal ultimately the joyful dreams of past,
Now the curtains are closed and I stand in pieces of it.

Who may realise the remorse I want to express or long,
NO heart beats in my opinion ffor her like mine used to do,
Closed eyes may remember our love forgotten in ties and talks,
There is no world where It is better to sow...

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