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Organised by Kafla Intercontinental
Venue: Indore Christian college
Invited by Dev sir

As usually similar to the 1st day, The 2nd day started with some short speeches about technicalities of writing. It was informed by Indian and foreign writers that how vital it is to protect print cultures moving on with the digital aid and it was also explained how it can work together to give harmony in multicultural world. As a common theme for the 2nd day in Peace, the multicultural thought was presented, and I felt elated to be part of it once again enjoying moments with my mates after arriving at the scene from the hotel in good spirits.
What is phenomenal relative to the 2nd day as a remark to the festival is that it would witness face off in the 1st session which is to say that writers and poes should compete together and shall witness great joy between 10 Am to 12 Pm. The 1st part of presentations would focus political theme with multicultural agenda being covered by experts. the 1st part of poetry shall present poets from all corners facing each other and rhyming their great works. the 2nd part of presentation would consider writing and literary genres to present and focus. And ultimately the 2nd poetry round should represent the popular students who have come through and they should come to centre stage representing Indian youth which is a great idea discussed by Dev sir and the management team. And I look forward to be in it's aura and light.
In the 1st session I felt great witnessing all the movement around with scholars collecting their pen drives, getting ready to face off and made the remark. The political presentations covered key features of Multicultural thought and gave clear account of how valuable it has been for the writers and scholars. In the 1st round of poetry, authors from all sides of the continents presented focal points, covered varius rhythm paterns, and Dev sir by sidelines, was delighted with eyes lit up which was great to witness. In the 2nd round of presentations, Writers came up with remarkable standards and provided equal theme for liting consent which was a great boost. And ultimately in the 2nd poetry round which was open for all students, We saw some great creative essence in form of Indian students and I was happy to adjuricate as a youth which was a great feeling altogether.
However, This day had to be essential for me as an individual as I was going to read out my poem titled 'Roars' focusing contemporary world peace typed in computer in submission period and later converted to braille and I was excited to wait on the challenge to come. This process was going to take place in the 2nd session of presentation-poetry that would start after tea around 12 20 in afternoon and shall proceed till 2 30. To make sure that my poem should go well, I had prepared to rhyme it beforehand and had asked Dev sir whether I could do the reading myself, which had been approved in the last minutes which was delightful, and besides all the activities that would take place in 2nd day, I was also eager to be in it's remark as well.
The 2nd session was settled after short tea and refreshments offered at the outer cafe near the main auditorium. I took out my braille page, tugged it safely and went back with Dev sir and his team looking after all the management around. Listening to the instrument at the corner centre, My heart skipped a bit and I turned. Before the poetry round, this session also had paper and poetry presentation and things started from 12 30 Pm and I approached the front seats waiting for my name to announce and in the 2nd round of poetry I was called on. The poem is around 16  lines and there are some words which It play like, Yet I was able to string things together and rhymed it with smile and once it ended, I was applauded by all Indian and writers from abroad which was great feeling to have indeed.
Once the session had ended, It was call for lunch and we went on to celebrate good moments with lot of deserts offered after the heavy vegetarian food tastes. It was good to join on with younger brother with whom I had been acting on like 'not in speaking terms' and we performed great before. Yet once he had joined, it became more fun with his jokes on high spirits, more people came to meet and altogether the feast ended in great style with many chocolate crackers shared and having them in great tastes and entertainment while heading back to last formal presentation session of the festival from 3 to 5 PM.
This session was going to be most professional and formal in it's approach as it also had group discussions as well which would first include the official high profiled international scholars and then the role of the spectators coming to the fourfront to communicate and question. The session generally began with 4 chair heading to each separate podium and hence in this way 16 scholars joined in separate four podiums to share their view and express key writing challenges, discourses and methodology in research, creativity and literature. Once that was done the questionire round began in which not only scholars counter questioned each other but the spectators did blend in. The people who had come to witness had been responding in phenomenal ways and the  queries they got to do with such high scholars was an ultimate treat. In all ways it was a great way to end and hence the last official session came to close after great discussion around.
After all the great moments, phenomenal medium and great grouping of writers with great calibre from across the world, The last poetry recitation or Kavya Sandhya started from 5 30 to 6 30 PM. In this few Hindi poets took part, sung few great political, socialist and cultural poems and entertained with some laughter and joy around. Besides few international poets joined in with their own local voice and english styles to settle and the environment was phenomenal as the time was coming closer and finishing touches were on the stage. Once the Kavya sandhya would finish, it would be time for the Closing ceremony and the 12th Indian Writer's festival would be over, but before that, we all are thankful to Dev sir and Kafla intercontinental for their commitments and the Evening poetry session was great as well.
from 6 30 Onwards, the closing ceremony had begun and the environment has changed from excitement to emotional one as the people who had come from abroad had started to discuss their travel means and the reports by experts on the festival were presented by the Announcer on the stage. Wishes were delivered, thank you notes gathered pace with representatives of various countries, blessings of success and gratitude were shared and ultimately Dev sir also became bit emotional while sharing the greatness and success of the Indian Writer's festival. AS formal proceedings the momentos were distributed to certain dignitories, thankful hand shakes did take place, participation certificates were shared and at last It was all over as people started to trudge back to their hotel, and so did I with volunteers, to pack and plan back their jurney to their places back home...

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