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Organised by Kafla Intercontinental
Venue: Indore Christian college
Invited by Dev sir

As it was mentioned in the programme booklet, The day started with opening ceremony which contained speeches from deligates, prominent faces with welcome notes from across borders and Book releases of certain efforts which was all fun to join on.
Once the 1st session has kicked off, Tea was served and short refreshment along which was great to taste and It was all joy to be part of where I met few old mates, some popular international authors and great humanists for sure.
Though it was now time for real glory to be gathered on for and hence the 1st session of the Festival with presentations and poetry started around. I came to listen some prominent writers who talked for pattern of writing, Enjoyed poetry of such certain global personalities, And by the way had great time noticing Dev Sir's excillence in managing with team all the stuff which was great joy to be part of.
Once the session had ended, it was time for lunch and to meet Aasror sir and his Uzbek fokes which was great joy. Besides I had lunch with some global writers who were also visually challenged as I was told by the guides and I enjoyed the glorious tastes of Vegetarian food arranged. It was really pleasing and I felt happy to be in such motion and had great experience altogether.
However the show was still left and there was more to it in form of presentations and poems by mor writers and also a play to witness. I really enjoyed background music while poems were rhymed, had great joy to listen the Parker team commenting on the plays, Enjoyed the sentiments of the presentations. And at the end the second session of participation also ended in great gusto.
Another short refreshment followed the 2nd session around 5 30 PM and it was great joy as more writers gathered and crowd had started to blend perfectly. The entertainment of desert was perfectly matched wit great weather and I chatted with Dev sir and his team about more involvement and we all laughed gracefully.
As all formal writing proceedings, technical momentum and cultural essence had started to sink, The biggest moment of the day was approaching from 6 to 9 Pm. It was a great pleasure to be in and it was Poetry recitation in vocal sounds, musical performances by popular names located in Indore, and ultimately a great stature to have on the dice enjoying the nodes of Keyboard and playing also.
I joined in nicely to sing some lines from my written song 'Tera mera ye jo safar hai', Moved my feet to instrument when I found it right and  felt great to join in with such great stars who had been on the dice to entertain. In this way it was great end to day 1 of the festival in the night with great support and perfect cultural gathering.
I thanked Dev sir, asked his team to drop me on the place I had been staying and hence it was great stature at large...

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