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The manila envelope was full of shit. It stank so ******* much. There was too much of it. One example was this: a tattooed skate boarder was blown away after being severely beaten. He was full of lead. The stitched up bullet holes showed this. There were 6 or 7 in his upper body. It was amazing how the mortician cleaned him up. He looked asleep. And was, forever…


…part of the current mad presidents run in with criminals. These included druggies, robbers, gangsters and a whole lot more. But such things weren’t so simple. Many innocent people got caught up. Rather than admit a mistake, the cops had a way to deal with this. They planted fake evidence, be it drugs, guns or ammo. Along with fake accounts of the cops being fired upon. Of course this did happen, professional criminals had back up and weapons and made the security forces pay dearly, now and again. For the most part the Extra Judicial Killings were just that.


The dead man here was a musician. He thought he was going to sing but instead he was an EJK and blown away. It was a shame his friend was a known dealer and on the ‘List’ of known and wanted and targeted people. So he was collateral damage. This was fine in the eyes of the law, for a dealer had been exterminated. An innocent died, so be it…


…the innocent would no longer skate, be tattooed, drink beer, dance, or anything else. For he was dead. All part of the bad dream that was the Philippine drug war that killed thousands. All wars ended…

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