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Returning back after your settlement,
My family willfully expected you to host,
I silently wished you luck to become better,
No matter even I continue to  haunt like a white ghost.

Coming back after your arranged scenarios to settle,
Your family wished to explain your lodgings making it a key discussing toast,
I silently crept away from your hopeful vigils,
NO matters even I would promise to haunt like a white ghost.

Promises turned away to pieces as we face each other,
Reminders torned away to abuses as we shouted at each other,
The white ghost is sulking alone hoping for revenge,
No matter even we did use to love once each other.

Twinkling eyes turned to flaming one in anguish,
Happy moments turned into rough ones becoming ravish,
The white ghost want to turn every table where you sit or stand,
All that I can say as i shook your hand again they stay getting nummish...

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