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When we landed in Glassgow, I had a short discussion earlier while inside the hotel on first day that what might be our plans and how we should take on the advantage of being the defending champions and how it will fit in according to the conditions.
Though it did blend in and we took upon the benefit as the tournament started, it was bit slow in the Braille robin rounds and as the both ended AS a captain I was greatful that the new players had started to learn and take on their position better in their consent.
Meanwhile it was not an easy task and the braille typing was bit slow at my own account as I still had fever and it was taking bit mor time to sink in.
Although it was a sigh of relief at the end of 1st task and hence WE were up to see that people were cheering us on, asking us for short interviews and at the last It was a great momentum to boost at wider prospect.

In The next day it was going to be a real challenge as the digital round took test of all and you can't hide your weaker links if you have any in the team.
Although it was not as we had any weaker person to look after and we all had sought things out at the previous evening how to sort out critical management which had helped us to take on right decision in the digital round, and after the quick word by our coach sir Things felt more braver and into the right set up.
I settled on with my computer nearest and kept throwing short envied looks towards my team where they were already starting to type in the answers they knew and as I put my headphones on and made it clear what might be there to face, It felt bit calm, and I was on to the flash.
It was a great round for all to boost our minds and as we had expected it was the 'B+' calibre quiz level for all of us and at the end the other teammates started experiencing how easily they coped with the situation and made it through.

The good signs had started to witness and in the calibre of counted down answer sheets we seemed to be on the top in the marking scored and It was the delight that had started to spread and my excitement took me on meanwhile.
At the evening before 1st knock out round we again asked for the ride by the guide, asked them to bring us Onion pizza and Cheese burgers and lifted our mood by having a short swimming session nearby the bridge which was great fun altogether.
While we got on we discussed the braille and digital rounds and all of us admited that in the coming knoc out round we should take on things rightly that would go on and help in the right way.
WE had our 1st knock out round with Spain as Quarters and we started talking about it while we swam across and once we were back inside the hotel We were once against confident to crack and hoping for bigger impact.

The experiences and outdoor session seemed to sink in much better than I had hoped for the performances and in the quarters we defeated Spain with the remarkable margins.
The Semi finals had to be in the next morning for the saving of the moment and I went pleased in the evening with my team hoping for the great performances.
Later on we found out that English players had bit lesser speed and we took on the benefit in the match in early morning where we defeated them directly in straight 3 round sets and now only one step was further away from the victory.
WE were facing South Africa in the finals which was surprising as they had stunned Norway in the semis and we did know their weaknesses as we had faced South Africa back in February 2018 and hence we took those pressure game as advantage and hit on the right strategies.

Altogether the 4 round session came to the top and we stroke on the right targets which meant that we had won the Scott Stardom tournament and The South African captain Philip Lesoir stood up and shook hand and both the team did the same and it was great to see respect for each other first.
This was not the last greeting and The noise outside was tremendous and so loud for which we would like to thank all who came to support and our families and others who backed us up and trusting us that is a great moment around.
Hence we have become the 3rd team only after Australia and Belgium to be 2 time back-to-back winner of this tournament which is remarkable by all means.
We are also glad to the External affairs ministry of India for arranging our official formalities for travel and tours, and ultimately it is great feeling all along which we can't express that how valuable it is being a Blind person and to perform at such high level remarkablly.
At last it is a phenomenal moment and let's hope that our joy continue more and more with your great blessings...
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keep it going hard brother... :)

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