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When we landed on this popular city on evening of 31st of August, few hours before the tournament to start, It was phenomenal to see the response we got from the crowd.
There were few Indian supporters who have travelled and also the families who live in here as well as there were also people who have witnessed us win the tournament 3 years back and had their increased expectations from our team.
Though we didn't want too much of fuss right on the airport, therefore the Coach sir and the team approached the official people who have come to receive us in and once meeting them nearby the outer entrence We shook hands, had small snack party together and then we got aboard into the car and the journey to the destination got started.
It Generally takes around 1 an half hour from the airport to reach the Ivis hotel located at inner centre in Glassgow and hence they had booked our stay in the hotel and we did feel it comfortable once reaching our spot around.

As the car moved towards our destination to come, I started to converse with Coach sir about how we landed last time in this place, How we made it a remarkable journey and started to make sure that we not under-perform under the circumspect no matter whatever team changes we have done this time.
Though after few silent moments, mmy new team mates started to chirrup in and asked me about the last time momentum on and we started to have joy pulling each other leg as the destination neared and helped us to remember some joyful moments.
We started to sink in this city of dreams that not only bring glory moments but also make them big by triumphs and positive intent to make sure that right things happen on right place and it should all be done by systematic approach.
As we entered the hotel, we met few old custom operators, old shefs and I straight away offered them for 'whole vegetarian routine' and nothing else and knowing me from the past they nodded and turned away shaking hands in good spirits.
Once discussing what we want in food services, how we would like to enjoy our free time and what type of volunteer services we required, and having quick word with me as captain and with Coach sir, the local people turned away and it was a good sight altogether cheering with them and enjoying their offered hospitality which is phenomenal by all means.

Once the guides offered from the organises had shown rooms to the two ladies in our team and the other gens  and the room system has been understood and observed rightly, We settled and started to enjoy the environment around and I couldn't stop myself to go out and meet some old quizzers who I did know as other team mates started to settle in their luggage and other movements around.
I had just come out five paces from my room thence I met the old guide who had been our care taker last time and he insured me that some other quiz teams have arrived in the early dawn and I went on to the direction by his support to meet on the quiz captains from Japan, Portugal and Sweedon erly and other people from Ghana, South Africa, Norway and more countries as the day progressed.
As this tournament is a big stage and invite teams from all corners of the world, It is a great chance to meett their fans, enjoy some good moments with them and have share of the great cultural touch they bring together and It was a nicely spent time around.
I still wondered whether these teams might have remembered their performances or not and they were eager to talk tactics But I was getting bored and turned around back in voice of my coach's direction who was asking me to come back for some official business.

Soon after that, I returned to the place with help of a volunteer, headed my place where was called in bak by Coach sir explaining some basic routines that we all know but following them are essential so I went inside with the team, changed into the clothes for the tournament and started to sink myself with the environment of this great city around.
In the evening we went on to listen a local musician called Bartha Marraine where we tried to copy the Scott accents, and then we had some hours spent near the bridge where we started to count vehicles on basis of their low sounds, enjoying the car drive of the volunteer services offered and had some good momentum to share.
We had some coffee joy, met more people and I could say that it was great to start the day before the tournament on such a great note that made the day and as we approached our beds in the night, we talked about what coming ahead and what type of performances we can be assured.
I finally assured all that whatever may come should be our cup of tea and with that We were ready for the game on in Scott stardom tournament again...
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Your final words are reassuring and motivating... :)

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