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It was all set for the finals on the stadium when both teams reached the stage and recognised their position. To proceed further, there were two different dices; at both dices 7 chairs were set on the platform and they were offered to the contestant to face off one of their biggest challenge in the Blind circuit.
Apart from 5 players, the two were for the scorer and timer for the match officially appointed by the International Quiz Federation who both sat at the end of the table, emitting their experienced glow and encouraging the players as they sat along on their chairs.
However before the beginning of the final- the both teams stood up in procession in respect of their national anthem and once the anthems died down, they sat in their places, feeling elated representing the country and ready to kick start the proceedings.
To begin with They held the codless mikes and introduced each of themselves; once the both teams had done the same, the captains could hear the voices of the commentaitors, who were introducing the previous places of both the teams; and thence they were ready to deal with the match.
The first question came on to the screen, was a short blirr and barely listened into the ear by the VI fellow quizzers as it went on, But they are experienced with such speed and they are habitual to it so it was easy and things were going quick and fast.  It was quiz so fast, so as the mike was passed to each other, the names were only spoken by the commentaitors and now it is going to begin, the time is coming nearer to show the rase and listening wasn't important for the teams; they were ready for the show down.

as it had mentioned in introduction, there are four rounds for each team. Each round has 60 questions for the each teams and in four rounds there are rounds like Humanities, Science, Arts and   Commerce; Thereby it was going to be a nail biting contest coming ahead and the people who had come to enjoy were having best of times around.
There is also a rule that if there is a tie and a win in early 2 rounds the captain will have to go out from the 3rd round. The fact remains accordingly to the stats that the advices of the captain make such environment that sometimes his or her teammates totally become dependent and hence his absence from one round makes it much clear for the team that it's a team game.
Thus in conditions mentioned, if happen by coincidence, the players will play the 3rd round without their captain and it would be a critical stage. Let's watch out what happens in the contest's final itself without taking away the taste of excitement of this nail biting event between india and Germany. Let's have those memories back and relive them again in this last memoir which wil explain whether India had any international gutts to win that or they became part of history under captaincy of Mr. pant

The first and second round were as consistent as they were thought to be, with their level equally high prolific but teams being up for the challenges equally matched for the finals.
The first round had to be humanities and there were certain asspects of names, dates, discoveries, defeats, geographic pillars, political attainmens; and as far the humanities is concerned, the only way in which the Indians looked in difficulty was the terminology.
Besides the challenges,  still the vice captain and captain delt the proceedings, advicing their left and right ring defence and it was very easy to face on and they had started to enjoy the impact now.
However the buzzle round in the rapid fire roun was making things tougher for them but still the germans were unable to answer at some point of the time which was benefitial. It gave more oppurtunities to Indian team and they lashed on to them answering mor rapidly than their start and now the momentum was gaining speed also.
Although when the round ended it's been a tie; the first round had been tied between the Indians and the Germans themselves. In the procession of the end of the round, the coffees were delivered to all the players and they looked relaxed to feel that there was still a chance.

However it would have to be remembered that if India looses, it brings their end this year for their international chance, and This was pointed out by the captain in the 2nd round and the central quick  respondent  responded well to the buzzles, and the  end of the 2nd round held cheerful voices in the front of the Indians,  because they were first time up from germans from 5 points,
Though, according to rule, they have to be more up, so they still wish for another tie and things were gathering pace. The 2nd round that had been the science round was little difficult, but Indians had managed to shunt down the Germans from 5 points, Ultimately as according to the rule, Indian captain had to leave the side for the 3rd round due to 1 win and 1 tie round and He was not sad but delighted all the same.
hoping that his team mates would do well, he stepped out into the central stadium to watch the musical performances going on to cheer the people on to the stadium themselves.

The third round was as tougher as it had been expected. Without their captain at their side, the central quick respondent found it tougher due to the lack of the advice, but the Vice captain was up to the charge. She adviced regularly and due to that they were somehow able to do their best.
At the final questionire of the round the Right ring defence tried the best and India finished the third round as a tie to conceal an equal task ahead.
But as the matter of the fact it was first time the Indian captain looked relieved when he entered back and he heard that due to the tie they will have go to have chance to score 10 points more in the next round and then it would be there's due to extention of equal impact as professional match.
The cup would be there to win and so will be the tournament. As expected patience was also required as he was also taking the word that uptil 1 hour of the end of the match the result won't be anounced and once the hour bell rings so the names would be shouted around, But for that they were still 1 round far and they had to play well.  He still saw that his team mates were totally enjoying the match and in the 3rd round they explained that it was less consisted of the Literature as they had expected and he smiled glad to see that they didn't miss his absence too much.

The fourth round came at the speed and glory as the other three had and it was on the move type situation for both team one going to end on top. The germans were at the top of the early stage as the Indian captain knew due it was a commercial round but then the reaction started from Indian captain and due to the equal commoderation, the Indian team responded well to the left ring defence and early defence making it a cracker and allowing German defence to be dumpfounded with speed and quick headed thinking.
However as Captain Mr. Pant made sure all was in control and there was nothing to worry he told himself as the quiz was inching to the end. He reached for the buzzle at last speeding on three questions and scored back to back making it a close down. Remembering his old trick in the state level Visually Challenged quiz  for his school, He smiled to himself but it was still his victory whatever it had to be and mor than his it was a team effort and India stayed alive for the coming future tournaments and rest the Team did in other tournaments is all history to know about.
It seemed though the Germans had given up. The german captain toppled off his hat and bowed to the Indian captain and hand shakes happened all around with tip of coffee and local snacks. At last, there was more hope left as mentioned Indians were still in their international race and in around next 1 hour, they were on their feet to celebrate their victory themselves after official announcement.

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