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At the beginning of the tournament, The team was greatfully welcomed at the airport by 5 people who offered garlands on their necks and have a photo with them. Once the tournament had started to expand  they wellcome us to the hotels, had good moments with us providing all the hospitality they could and kept asking us to make ourselvs at home which was a great site and a pleasing experience altogether.
However this was nothing to the way the support was going to turn out as the tournament progressed and there were many Indians living in the Scotland who had come to meet the Vice captain, Captain, and the  whole team, And though they both were busy trying to prepare for the match, They can't refuse the greetings they were showered and the environment they had managed to built till the time the country reached to the finals of the tournament that was unique.
In the wake of the Indian performers reaching the big match, however the people kept running in to search out that how the proceedings are going on in the field themselves and they were kept in check by the quizzers from across countries who participated so along the teams the atmospere was a great on in all respects.
Before the finals going to start, as the tradition The commentaitors of the match came to meet the captains of both teams later and both of the captains promised them to play a fair game in the early morning, as Scot Stardom tournament is a huge platform and often not than once in past, it has witnessed the anguish disappointment and boos as tactics by the opponents on each other which wasn't clear one and hence even the commontaitors hoped that theire plans must be performed more for fair game situation than expected in the finals around.
In all the conditional tactics to go by, Though  Indian captain still looked nervous about the fact that he might feel discomfort in the matchm But it was Indian moment and they had to play by clear tactics right approach and ultimately a better plan in action that would result in it's entire perspective, and in early proceedings before the match that's what was clear in the Indian team more broadly than their German counter part to help themselves along the road to glory.

IN the early morning, 2 hours before the match, the teammates of Indian and German teams went to get some new clothes, enjoyed some cultural moments together and have some shopping. While both captain remained inside the hotel and discussed their tactics, The team roamed around and helped to better mood which is fairly in the tendencies and Though group was in joy, The captains decided to test their capacities by asking tough questions, not applying tricks but direct knowledge game and it was nice fun to have good friendship to make a prominent atmosphere around earlier.
Though as the captain it was nothing the way Saurabh was preparing for the match. He was regularly using Whats App there to make things get prepared rightly, however he rarely use it, And this ploy was applied by him and his team to test knowledge, and It was benefitial too as lot of friends were regularly testing wits in the application itself.
apart from it, to make sure that old scars not rise again he was also using some website to test his knowledge and also trying to work out things and It became most shocking for the German captain when the Indian captain found out the ways in which his team had been defeated in Czech republic and bosnia;
Thus it was going to be much better for him, his team and supporters to recognise to face out the match.

Now As Captain Mr. Pant was able to face it out using the old tactics and he also noticed that the Central Quick respondent in the team was getting little weak, Though they have time to settle and it was all ok to fit out the ways.
In the early session he has planned things rightly and the way in which the team would react the final ways whereas they might have a chance to win the match and make it a remarkable win themselves for India in the global platform.
as Quiz is a very secretive tournament and it's being not risked to be shown off openly but still there were thousand of people in the stadium as informed by the management to the other outfitted team captains to come to watch the match themselves and it made their nerves go much high but they also got excited to witness two competitive team tussle intellectually against each other.
It was also informed that all the team mates had been back with shoppings and they too told the captains that the people are totaly excited to have the vision of the match at ttop level mentioning all the ways stadium is going to react.
Though it was not the plan of mind for the leaders and they started preparing their work in force to plan for match as soon the team arrived and quick headed discussions started to gear in for the match around.
however  Indian captain was speaking with the German captain in, 2 of the Indian quiz player understood it, and other nearly nodded, as opposition remark their tussling team to stay away and those tactics were common and other players were familiar with them before the match.
It was great atmosphere, so noisy all around People gathering up and no matter whatever may be the contemporary Scott Conditions, they were best suited and it was going to be a remarkable memory as Mr. pant call it in 'one of the memorable one's by all means.

It happened finally around 11 past 10 in morning in Scotland as around that both of the captains collected their team mates and asked them to get ready for the lock horn first.
Things were getting in hazy situation, but the atmosphere was building on, The people were continuing to fill in and as expected it was going to be a cracker so as the evening approached it started to really turn into a great momentum As both teams went out into the slow dusk and started to be prepared for facing this glorious finals.
The last of the words were exchanged When they all were ready to deal and as it happened both of the captains marched them to their special corners in the hotel and adviced them for their preprations so they can actually seek out better ways and can analyse what are their weaker points and how they  can improve.
As it was mentioned above, the Indian captain insisted on the quick move of Indian C Q R, so did the German captain insisted on the quick moves by the L R D, so things can go on rightly. They made it necessary as it can properly have their notes on for the match, planning how to make it a cracker, And it was getting a boost so it was building up for a great one in all ways.
now the time had come for the knock down as excitement was on the top and thus both of the teams stepped out around and went out in the early sunset of Scottland to face each other and make sure that one of them become the champion of this unique popular tournament.
It's really going to be a special knock down between each other and people start to expect a unique one in the ultimate ways around.
Till now It has been mentioned that how the preplanned environment was around, As the memoirs are shifting the moment is coming and Finally the wait is over. The next memoir will ultimately bring the sweet memories of Mr. pant as captain winning the 1st International Tournament in Scotland back in Sept 2015. So guys hold on your nerves, Just few more moments, The taste of that glory is not so far. Till then keep reading and continue to enjoy the moments explained till now...

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