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Before elaborating the memories of that Quiz tournament that was a historic mark for we the Indian quizzers, Let me give a short outline to my team who participated there so it will do lot of good.
Here are the names of the whole 5 member team who made the Country proud back in September 2015:

Shantanath Mukharji, left ring defence
A smart Partially Blind quizzer who started quiz performances for India in 2013 and had already made country proud in Mongolia in 2014.

Rita Mangolkar, right ring defence
Another partially blind qquizzer who started her journey in 2010 and had performed wel over the years for the country in Blind circuit.

A. K. Cholms, centre quick respondent
One of the fast hands in the team who is always up for the buzzle boom and he led such movements remarkabally well since he had joined in 2012.

Nandita Amolkar, Wice captain
One of the most experienced campaigner and the most polite leader who is known to do well and has been Vice captain since around 6 years before the beginning of victories from the Scott Stardom tournament.

Saurabh Pant, captain
Made captain in much younger age, He is a frank person, quick thinking youth and an energy booster and this is what he brought to the team and his success became worldly known after the victory of 2015 Scott Stardom tournament...

By having three brilliant forward, a quick thinking Vice captain and a open minded frank captain We let it on our strides and we were remarkablly backed by our management that did make a unique impression around whole 3 days.
It was lot of fun and joyful as Quiz is a quick taking game and matches goes on faster than you expect so Our plannings worked well and we did end it on high spirits.

Now let me also give a brief account on the rules that followed the tournament 3 years back and explain them shortly which wil further elaborate it's importance and contemporary value-

1. each team has 5 members in their side.
2. each member has a fund collecting board, who secures their winnings for future travel and other appliances.
3. each team faces 4 rapid rounds, each consisting of half an hour.
4. each team's captain only answer the question unless his all 4 team mates are able to answer it.
5. the winners and runners of the tournnament goes to qualify for the next quiz tournament through the international quiz federation.

This is how those rules were marked that had their valuable momentum in that tournament.

By feeling like 'goodluck to me and my team mates, Glassgow, here I come', I went on to make the mark and hoped that our against the run of play darkened old memories not followed there and things may change.
By the grace of all who loved and supported, goodness to the blessings which supported us it was really a remarkable memory and now in next memoir I will explain how they became sweet ones around by all means...

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