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It's not a habit but a unique skill to disguise and stay calm to use such a high clasified light technology of being at 2 places at once which is very rare case but not unheard of indeed which make things much luxurious all the time with duoclates performed with expert touch.
In past I came to know such technology in existence and In the visually impaired field it is of real use which I came to associate with it's inventor who achieved this skill with hard work and he is known as James Clarckson who invented it and around the discovery of it in 1998 I was only 4 and yet I came to consider it in my later stage in last of my school days where through braille books I recognise it in progress.
Though it's not the time to explain it either or to prove whether it works or not, But it's memory time and they are my best glory moments so let's focus them and I shall present the case study someday later.

The moment we got to know that we will get the chance to participate were not great moments both as individuals as well as team.
The reason being that We had been not playing well and got defeated in knock out stages earlier that year and We kept loossing things around in wrong stages which was to be called that strip of luck was not in our favour earlier.
It kept happening in quarter finals back to back 3 times in separate places- First in Germany, then in Czech republic and then in Bosnia which added insult to injury and thus it was not great mood in the team rooms and yet we kept explaining to ourselves that somehow we had to win this big chance out.
A strong wind of polite planning, quick thinking notes, analyses of the quizzes and also understanding of our past foreign performances was around the corner and hence despite our constant defeats in the recent times We felt better as we prepared for the Scott Stardom tournament and made sure that we did make it a proud moment not only forour team but also for the whole country and the Blind circuit around.

We needed to have some confidence booster to win, this was what our coaches told us and an alarm bell also kept us working hard to make sure that things not go wrong and we could do much better than our past references.
There was some serious thinking going on and which meant that if we lost, our team India will be down for such year and we may face horrible time at the end.
However apart from being let down We were also in constant advice of looking beyond the wins and do well as perpetual individuals who make team unique and that was what a key booster as required before the tournament.
Though we clearly knew that It were curtains closed and we might had been out of race for some while from quiz circuit if we haven't performed as we did in Scott stardom tournament;
Yet we also had a clear thought process much better than our earlier fate that year for this particular place as we knew it's once in a lifetime chance and we didn't wish to miss that oppurtunity out.

Ultimately it was part of luck, blessings and good fate we had on the lord and that's how I am here going back in past to explain what we did in past in the ultimate finals.
We did greatly, managed great memories and this is what the next coming memoirs will present as case where I shall explain about my team, the conditions before the big finals and our performances and I hope YO alfaaz community will enjoy it a lot.
So hold on your nerve, get ready to flow back in past and enjoy reading, Till the next post comes by- Stay tuned...

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